Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Yes, sir.

Now, I'm going to focus your attention between 1998 and 2002. Kind of give me an overview of what you were doing during that time period. Obviously you were stealing from drug dealers was part of it, but I mean what else were you doing during that time period?

I did a lot of traveling, too. Actually, in 1998 I end up investing some money to a record label by the name EKG Records.

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That is money that you had obtained from drug dealers, or had you obtained that from some other source?

Some other source, yeah.

What was the other source?

Selling drugs.

Okay. I told you, as long as you tell the truth, that's not what we're here for is to get you in trouble. So the first money you invested in EKG was actually from selling drugs?

Yeah, basically.

What kind of drugs were you selling?


How much was that initial investment you think, in about 1998?


About how much was it?

Probably, at that time, I probably invest around about 20,000, you know, just picking up pieces, yeah, around 20, 25,000, you know.

Now over the time period of say 1998 to 2001 or so, about how much money did you put into EKG Records?

Over 250,000, close to 300,000.

I'm sorry, you said you believe it was about 250, 300,000?


Was that into EKG or did that involve TLMC, also?

Into TLMC also.

Okay, about how much did you put in EKG of the 250,000 -- you thought it was about half and half?

Yeah, at least half of it, you know.

So you think with EKG, then you put in, let's just say, somewhere between 125, 150; that sound about right?


Realizing that is an approximate amount; you don't know for sure?


Now of that 150 or $200,000 that you put into EKG, did that all come from some type of drug activity, whether it be stealing from drug dealers or actually dealing drugs?

Yes, yes, sir, it did.

So it all came from that, right?

Yes, sir.

Now where did you keep that money before you gave it to EKG?

Well, kept some at a safe at the house.

At your house?


Where was that located?

In the Fort Lauderdale.

What is the address?

6680 NW 30 Street.

So you kept some in the safe at the house there. Was that your house?

Yes, sir.

Owned by you?

Yes, sir.

Who did you live there with?


Where else did you keep it?

I had a couple of friend girls that I kept money at their house and my main lady, as well, you know.

So you kept it at about three of the ladies' houses, is that right?

Yeah, two and my main lady, you're right.

You said that two of the ones did not know you were keeping it there, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

And your main lady did know, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Now, EKG was, in fact, whom, Evens Thermilus, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Was it anybody else?

That was involved?

Yes, was there another owner, principal, or was it mainly him?

Oh, just him. He just owned it, yeah.

When you gave that money to Thermilus over that time period, did you give it directly to him?

Yes, sir, I did.

In cash?


Do you know what he did with it when you gave it to him?

Well, at the time, no, I didn't. Well, at one time before, Evens was behind on bills and so forth, you know, and he was losing his house, his home, and all that there, too, so I assumed that, you know, he was taking some of that money to trying to pay his bills or, I don't know, whatever. At that time I didn't know what he was doing with the money, you know.

But when you would physically hand him the money, did he have like a safe he put it in, did he put it in a briefcase, a bag, did he take it home, did he put it in the bank, I mean, if you know, any of those?

No. When I used to give money, like I said, I had give it to him a few times in a briefcase, a bag, sometimes I handed him stacks in rubber bands, all hundred-dollar bills, you know.

What Evens physically did with it, you don't know?

No. At that time, when I first was giving him money, no, I didn't know.

Let me focus your attention then into basically sometime in the year 2001, and during that time period, did Evens Thermilus introduce you to a gentleman that you first knew as Art and you later knew as Art Teele?

Yes, sir.

Can you tell me then, there were two particular occasions I want to focus on; the occasion was one at the offices of TLMC regarding a briefcase with some cash in it, and the second one was later at the office of TLMC when you delivered some cash, okay?

Yes, sir.

I want to focus on those two instances, okay?


So tell me then about the first time, whenever it was in 2001, when Evens called you and says to bring over some cash and you end up bringing it over in a briefcase. Just tell me in your own words, just describe how that all came about?

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