Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Thermilus stated that EKG Records began to flourish as he signed and promoted a group by the name of Black Haze. Thermilus stated that as Black Haze performed in numerous nightclubs throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, their ranking on the music charts rose quickly. Thermilus stated that in addition to promoting Black Haze, he held weekly auditions for local groups. Sometime between January and March 1999, during these auditions, Thermilus discovered a very talented band by the name of Off Glass. Off Glass consisted of a group of teens between the ages of 16-18, who sang rhythm and blues. Shirlene Ingraham was the manager of Off Glass.

Thermilus stated that during this same period, Teele began to frequent some of the same nightclubs as Black Haze and Off Glass. Thermilus felt that Teele heard of his success in the recording business and wanted to be part of it. Thermilus's suspicions were realized when Teele approached him regarding the group Off Glass. Teele informed Thermilus that he had sufficient influence to arrange for Off Glass to sign a recording contract with EKG Records. Since Thermilus was aware that Teele and Shirlene Ingraham were romantically involved, he believed Teele had the influence to persuade Off Glass to sign with his company.

On April 18, 1999, a "Letter of Intent" (to contract) was completed on behalf of [Off Glass], and the group's music was played on radio stations such as HOT 105, 99 JAMZ, and POWER 96. Soon afterward Commissioner Teele telephoned Mr. Thermilus and stated, "I can make this happen." The two met at the [now-defunct] 1800 Club, where the two had a few drinks. Commissioner Teele stated that he wanted "a cut out of the deal." Mr. Thermilus offered 15%, and Commissioner Teele rejected, stating that he wanted 25% without the knowledge of Ms. Ingraham or Off Glass.

In a subsequent conversation about Off Glass, Mr. Thermilus told Commissioner Teele "the source of unlimited cash came from drug dealer Leon Butler, who came with a lot of glitter." He admitted that he advised Commissioner Teele that Leon Butler had also called Carlton Adderly, who invested between $13,000 and $17,000 in cash toward the development of Off Glass. Mr. Thermilus advised that Commissioner Teele well knew that drug dealers were involved and that EKG was "floating" (functioning and surviving) on drug money.

Carlton Adderly By Mr. Richard Scruggs, Assistant State Attorney:Mr. Adderly, could you please state your full name and spell your last name for the court reporter please?First name is Carlton, last name is Adderly, A-D-D-E-R-L-Y, middle initial E, Ellis.Mr. Adderly, you're presently incarcerated in Florida state prison, is that correct?Yes, sir.What are the charges you're incarcerated under?Conspiracy, trafficking.For drug trafficking?Yes, for drugs.But drug trafficking conspiracy, is that correct? Right.Were you, in fact, a drug trafficker? No, sir, I wasn't.What exactly did you do to gain such a sentence?You mean what type of trouble I got?Yes.Well, actually, what happens, in so many, I guess I could say best, trying to finesse somebody out of money.Basically, just to put it kind of more bluntly, is you stole money from drug dealers, is that right?Yes, sir.Basically by tricking them, talking them into thinking they were getting something they didn't, right?Right.Obviously that's not why we're here today, but that's what you're serving the sentence for, is that correct?Yes, sir.Did you plead guilty or did you go to trial?I pled guilty.Did you cooperate with authorities in that particular matter or that particular case?Yes, sir, I did.Who is that, who did you cooperate with, what entity?Out of Broward, Broward County.Broward Sheriff's Office?Right.What kind of cooperation?I'm sorry, I take that back. It wasn't Broward. It was Coral Springs, yeah, Coral Springs it was.Coral Springs Police Department?Right.Which, of course, is in Broward?Yes.Did you testify for them?No, I didn't testify for them.Did you give any statement, a sworn statement?No, sir.Did you introduce them so they could do any kind of undercover work or anything like that?Yes, sir, I did.Were there cases made off of your assistance, were people arrested and prosecuted off of your assistance?Arrested. Prosecuted, I'm not for sure.But there were people arrested based upon your assistance, is that correct?Yes, sir.So, at least, would it be fair to say that the Coral Springs detectives that worked with you at least believed in you to the extent that they worked cases and theyarrested people, right?

Yes, sir.Now, we talked a little bit before we went on the record here, and one of the things I assured you at the time, and I'll assure you again, is that you're not in any kind of trouble with us, and as long as you tell the truth, anything you say can't be used against you. I'll tell you right up front. We have no intention whatsoever of doing that, and you have my assurance in that regard. As long as you tell the truth, then there is absolutely no problems here whatsoever, okay?Yes, sir.Now, I'm going to focus your attention between 1998 and 2002. Kind of give me an overview of what you were doing during that time period. Obviously you were stealing from drug dealers was part of it, but I mean what else were you doing during that time period?I did a lot of traveling, too. Actually, in 1998 I end up investing some money to a record label by the name EKG Records.That is money that you had obtained from drug dealers, or had you obtained that from some other source?Some other source, yeah.What was the other source?Selling drugs.Okay. I told you, as long as you tell the truth, that's not what we're here for is to get you in trouble. So the first money you invested in EKG was actually from selling drugs?Yeah, basically.What kind of drugs were you selling?Cocaine.How much was that initial investment you think, in about 1998?Right.About how much was it?Probably, at that time, I probably invest around about 20,000, you know, just picking up pieces, yeah, around 20, 25,000, you know.Now over the time period of say 1998 to 2001 or so, about how much money did you put into EKG Records?Over 250,000, close to 300,000.I'm sorry, you said you believe it was about 250, 300,000?Yes.Was that into EKG or did that involve TLMC, also?Into TLMC also.Okay, about how much did you put in EKG of the 250,000 -- you thought it was about half and half?Yeah, at least half of it, you know.So you think with EKG, then you put in, let's just say, somewhere between 125, 150; that sound about right?Yeah.Realizing that is an approximate amount; you don't know for sure?Right.Now of that 150 or $200,000 that you put into EKG, did that all come from some type of drug activity, whether it be stealing from drug dealers or actually dealing drugs?Yes, yes, sir, it did.So it all came from that, right?Yes, sir.Now where did you keep that money before you gave it to EKG?Well, kept some at a safe at the house.At your house?Right.Where was that located?In the Fort Lauderdale.What is the address?6680 NW 30 Street.So you kept some in the safe at the house there. Was that your house?Yes, sir.Owned by you?Yes, sir.Who did you live there with?Myself.Where else did you keep it?I had a couple of friend girls that I kept money at their house and my main lady, as well, you know.So you kept it at about three of the ladies' houses, is that right?Yeah, two and my main lady, you're right.You said that two of the ones did not know you were keeping it there, is that correct?Yes, sir.And your main lady did know, is that correct?Yes, sir.Now, EKG was, in fact, whom, Evens Thermilus, is that correct?Yes, sir.Was it anybody else?That was involved?Yes, was there another owner, principal, or was it mainly him?Oh, just him. He just owned it, yeah.When you gave that money to Thermilus over that time period, did you give it directly to him?Yes, sir, I did.In cash?Yes.Do you know what he did with it when you gave it to him?Well, at the time, no, I didn't. Well, at one time before, Evens was behind on bills and so forth, you know, and he was losing his house, his home, and all that there, too, so I assumed that, you know, he was taking some of that money to trying to pay his bills or, I don't know, whatever. At that time I didn't know what he was doing with the money, you know.But when you would physically hand him the money, did he have like a safe he put it in, did he put it in a briefcase, a bag, did he take it home, did he put it in the bank, I mean, if you know, any of those?No. When I used to give money, like I said, I had give it to him a few times in a briefcase, a bag, sometimes I handed him stacks in rubber bands, all hundred-dollar bills, you know.What Evens physically did with it, you don't know?No. At that time, when I first was giving him money, no, I didn't know.Let me focus your attention then into basically sometime in the year 2001, and during that time period, did Evens Thermilus introduce you to a gentleman that you first knew as Art and you later knew as Art Teele?Yes, sir.Can you tell me then, there were two particular occasions I want to focus on; the occasion was one at the offices of TLMC regarding a briefcase with some cash in it, and the second one was later at the office of TLMC when you delivered some cash, okay?Yes, sir.I want to focus on those two instances, okay?Uh-huh.So tell me then about the first time, whenever it was in 2001, when Evens called you and says to bring over some cash and you end up bringing it over in a briefcase. Just tell me in your own words, just describe how that all came about?Actually, Evens called me up, right, and told me that he needed some money and he asked me -- I don't know exactly how much he had said, but I know at the time what I could have gave him, you know, because at certain, you know, like I said, like I told you earlier before, you know, the places where I keep money and so forth, and if I just go ahead and grab what I can grab, that's what I did. So I don't know exactly how much. I never really gave Evens -- if he asked me for 50,000, I don't give him 50,000; I give him maybe 45,000. I really never give him exactly, because me and Evens go so far back, and I know how he is. I know if I gave Evens 50,000, he may not need 50,000, right, for what he needed it for, because he was a gambler. He may take $40,000 and, you know, pay off what he got to pay and the other $10,000 he'll go over there with the guys and the other 10 and whatever and go gamble it. So I know how Evens was.So you discounted it to what you thought he probably needed?Right. So I never give him exactly what he asked for, you know.On that particular day in 2001, he calls you on the phone?Right.He says, "I need money."Right.Do you recall an approximate amount?I don't know. Like I said, whatever it was, again, I never take him the same amount. You know, if he said 40, you know, like I say I'll bring him 35 or whatever, you know.Well, you said when we were talking a little while ago you thought it was approximately 30, 35. Does that sound about right?Right, right.When he called you, where was the money at that time? Did you have to go get it or did you already have it?No, I had to go get that.From where?From my ex-girlfriend's house, one of my girls, you know.So you went to her house, you got the money. What did you put it in?Put it in a briefcase.Can you describe the briefcase, do you recall?Yes. It was a burgundy leather briefcase.You put the briefcase, you said, in the trunk of your car?In the trunk of my car.What were you driving at the time?I was driving a Jag, white Jaguar, 2000.Now when you were taking the money to Evens, at that point and time, did you know what it was for?Not exactly, not right then, but, you know, I always knew, you know, when I was giving him money then, what it was for then.It was for construction business?Right.Something related to construction?Absolutely.So you knew it was something related to construction?Right.Okay, now when you got to TLMC, that's over on 22 Avenue, right?Yes, sir.Why don't you describe what happens. You didn't bring the money in right away, did you?No, no, I didn't.Just tell us what happened and who was there?What happened was that when I got in there, just, actually, there was a lot of people there, whatever, but just me and Evens was there at the time in the office, you know, and, you know, Art came about, and that's when Art came about and everything.Art came in while you and Evens were there?Right. He came in and when he came in, I end up paging Leonard cause Evens asked me -- excuse me -- Evens asked me where was the money.In front of Art?Yeah, yeah, and I told him it was in the car and so I paged Leonard cause I knew Leonard was there, I seen Leonard.You mean Leonard Johnson, right?Right, right. So I paged Leonard on the walkie-talkie and Leonard -- so I said, "Where are you?" right, and Leonard said, "I'm in the front, front of the building." I said, "All right, cool." I said, "Look in the trunk of my car, open the trunk and bring the briefcase in," and I hit the button on my keys. The trunk opened and Leonard got the briefcase and brought it in.So now are you in Evens's office?Right, we're in the office now.So it's you --Teele and Evens, or Art.Had Evens introduced you to Art?Yeah, he did.He introduced you as what, his partner?As his partner, yeah.And he introduced Art as just Art, or did he use the last name?No, he -- I don't recall him saying Art Teele or anything.Did you later learn that it was Art Teele?Yeah, later on I learned, down the line.So Leonard brings the money in the briefcase and gives it to you, is that correct?Right.What happens then?Well, we talked for just a couple of minutes, whatever, you know, nothing about construction business or whatever. You know, we just talk because, you know, Evens is a happy person, whatever, about how things gonna happen, nothing major, whatever, you know, and I end up, like I didn't stay in there and listen to what they talking about.So you gave the briefcase to Evens?Yeah.Then you left?I left.That night did you have a conversation with Evens?Yeah. Later on that night, me -- I think me and Evens went to the movie that same night. We went to the movies on South Beach and that's when, you know, we was talking and, you know, we talking about the investment and all that there, you know.Did he tell you that he gave money to Art?Yes, he did, yeah.Again, not to put words in your mouth, but to paraphrase what he told you, did he tell you that it was given to Art for construction jobs?Yes, sir, as investment, you know, because he was telling me that. You know, like I say, I respected Evens, right, because, you know, the life I was living. I was actually trying to get out that life and I thought, you know, this will be a way right here, you know, and that's why anytime he asked me for anything, I knew he was rich once before, you know, and, you know, I wanted to back out the life I was living in by just invest my money that I was doing wrong in.So at that point, basically, you're giving money to Evens to give to Art for construction jobs and you didn't know who Art was, is that right?Absolutely.So if I asked you kind of a direct question of did you know that he was paying him a bribe, you would have to say at that time no?No, no, I didn't.Okay. Now, there was a second time that Evens calls you and asks for money for Art, is that correct?Yes, sir.Now, at that point you know, I mean there was no doubt in your mind that Evens gave money to Art for construction work, is that right?Absolutely.Now tell me about that second time when Evens calls and asks you to bring some money by; was that in 2001, also?In 'round about, yeah.About how long in relationship from the first incident?Probably, maybe, it wasn't even a couple of days. Probably, maybe about three days.Oh, it was right after that?Yeah, yeah, it was back to back, yeah.Go ahead.Yeah, probably about three days or so, you know. And Evens called me up on the cell phone and I forgot exactly how much he was asking me for, you know, but whatever it was, you know, I used to ride around anyway with money, a lot of money in my pocket, you know, over $20,000, you know, at least. I would at least have -- I used to not never leave the house without having $20,000 in my pocket, you know.Don't leave home without it?Yeah, that's the god's honest truth. I really did, you know. So at that time Evens had called me and asked me. I don't know exactly how much it was, but whatever I had in my pocket. I was close by the building already, by the office, you know.When he called you, did he tell you what it was for?Yeah, it was for Art.He told you that time it was for Art?Absolutely.What did you do?Actually, he told me he needed it right then. He was talking like a favor, like, "Listen, man, this is very important," whatever, right. He said, "I need" -- I don't know if need 25,000 or 20 or whatever it was, but he said he needed a certain amount of money, and I was like, "What's up?" He said, "I need to pay Art to do something," whatever, right.He said, "I need to pay Art?""I need to pay Art."To do what?He didn't say what, but "I need to pay Art to do something." That's what he said, you know. As a matter of fact, those was his exact words, you know, "I need to pay Art to do something," right, and I was like, "Well, Evens," I said, "I don't think I got that kind of money on me right now." He said, "What you got?" and I said, "I don't know," but I know what I had in my pocket. So whatever it was, you know, I didn't give him everything I had, you know. I probably, I know I had -- if not exactly -- I didn't have exactly $20,000 because I was out half that day, because I was out that day, I had a little female with me, buying this and that.Who was in the car with you?Who was with me? Let me think.Just close your eyes and you'll see her face.I'm gonna tell you in a minute. I can see her, but I can't think of her name. One of my ladies. Man, who was it?Well, do you want to move on and see if it comes to you later on?Yeah, we can. It will come to me.Okay, so anyway, there was a lady in the car with you and we will try to work on her name, okay?Yeah.So then -- you drive to TLMC, is that correct?Right.You go inside?Right.You didn't go into the office this time, you went to a separate room?No. Actually, when you first walk in -- have you ever been in the building?No.When you first walk in the front door, there is an office right there on your left-hand side and we just called it the conference room. So there's an office right there, right, and Teele was inside the office, and as a matter of fact, Evens, both of us in the office and you can see, look outside and see cars pull up. Evens saw me, and I pulled right up in the front, and when I pulled up in the front, Evens came, you know, out of the office, right, and I waved, didn't even speak to --You said when you came in, Evens and Art were in the conference room?Right.Evens comes out?Right.And I think you started to say you waved at Teele?I waved, like I just spoke to him, I waved at him.But you didn't go up and talk to him?No, I never talked.What happened?I went to my pocket, I gave Evens the money I had, and that was what I had in the rubber bands, you know, gave it to him, said a couple of words to Evens, whatever it was.Did Teele see that, if you know?Yeah. He was right -- if you see the office, all that is glass, you know.So you did it in front of Teele openly?Yeah.So you give Evens the money, then what?Then I left.We just took a short break to let Mr. Adderly recall the name of the young lady that was with him that day. Mr. Adderly, I realize right at this particular moment you can't, but will you do us a favor and just think about it?Yeah.And we will get back in touch with you and I'm sure it's probably going to come to you in the middle of the night.Right, right.When was the last time you talked to Evens?Probably a couple of days before I got arrested.That would have been when?In 2002.So you haven't talked to Evens since 2002?No, no, I haven't.So would it be fair to say that there's no way that you and he could have gotten together to concoct this story about Art Teele that you just told me?No, impossible.I want the record to reflect the witness is smiling when he thought of that.I wish I would have got in touch with him, you know.Well, I now have to ask why, since that's on the record.Because, I mean, he could have gave me some of that money.

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