Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Thermilus stated that EKG Records began to flourish as he signed and promoted a group by the name of Black Haze. Thermilus stated that as Black Haze performed in numerous nightclubs throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, their ranking on the music charts rose quickly. Thermilus stated that in addition to promoting Black Haze, he held weekly auditions for local groups. Sometime between January and March 1999, during these auditions, Thermilus discovered a very talented band by the name of Off Glass. Off Glass consisted of a group of teens between the ages of 16-18, who sang rhythm and blues. Shirlene Ingraham was the manager of Off Glass.

Thermilus stated that during this same period, Teele began to frequent some of the same nightclubs as Black Haze and Off Glass. Thermilus felt that Teele heard of his success in the recording business and wanted to be part of it. Thermilus's suspicions were realized when Teele approached him regarding the group Off Glass. Teele informed Thermilus that he had sufficient influence to arrange for Off Glass to sign a recording contract with EKG Records. Since Thermilus was aware that Teele and Shirlene Ingraham were romantically involved, he believed Teele had the influence to persuade Off Glass to sign with his company.

On April 18, 1999, a "Letter of Intent" (to contract) was completed on behalf of [Off Glass], and the group's music was played on radio stations such as HOT 105, 99 JAMZ, and POWER 96. Soon afterward Commissioner Teele telephoned Mr. Thermilus and stated, "I can make this happen." The two met at the [now-defunct] 1800 Club, where the two had a few drinks. Commissioner Teele stated that he wanted "a cut out of the deal." Mr. Thermilus offered 15%, and Commissioner Teele rejected, stating that he wanted 25% without the knowledge of Ms. Ingraham or Off Glass.

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In a subsequent conversation about Off Glass, Mr. Thermilus told Commissioner Teele "the source of unlimited cash came from drug dealer Leon Butler, who came with a lot of glitter." He admitted that he advised Commissioner Teele that Leon Butler had also called Carlton Adderly, who invested between $13,000 and $17,000 in cash toward the development of Off Glass. Mr. Thermilus advised that Commissioner Teele well knew that drug dealers were involved and that EKG was "floating" (functioning and surviving) on drug money.

Carlton Adderly

By Mr. Richard Scruggs, Assistant State Attorney: Mr. Adderly, could you please state your full name and spell your last name for the court reporter please?

First name is Carlton, last name is Adderly, A-D-D-E-R-L-Y, middle initial E, Ellis.

Mr. Adderly, you're presently incarcerated in Florida state prison, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

What are the charges you're incarcerated under?

Conspiracy, trafficking.

For drug trafficking?

Yes, for drugs.

But drug trafficking conspiracy, is that correct?


Were you, in fact, a drug trafficker?

No, sir, I wasn't.

What exactly did you do to gain such a sentence?

You mean what type of trouble I got?


Well, actually, what happens, in so many, I guess I could say best, trying to finesse somebody out of money.

Basically, just to put it kind of more bluntly, is you stole money from drug dealers, is that right?

Yes, sir.

Basically by tricking them, talking them into thinking they were getting something they didn't, right?


Obviously that's not why we're here today, but that's what you're serving the sentence for, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Did you plead guilty or did you go to trial?

I pled guilty.

Did you cooperate with authorities in that particular matter or that particular case?

Yes, sir, I did.

Who is that, who did you cooperate with, what entity?

Out of Broward, Broward County.

Broward Sheriff's Office?


What kind of cooperation?

I'm sorry, I take that back. It wasn't Broward. It was Coral Springs, yeah, Coral Springs it was.

Coral Springs Police Department?


Which, of course, is in Broward?


Did you testify for them?

No, I didn't testify for them.

Did you give any statement, a sworn statement?

No, sir.

Did you introduce them so they could do any kind of undercover work or anything like that?

Yes, sir, I did.

Were there cases made off of your assistance, were people arrested and prosecuted off of your assistance?

Arrested. Prosecuted, I'm not for sure.

But there were people arrested based upon your assistance, is that correct?

Yes, sir.

So, at least, would it be fair to say that the Coral Springs detectives that worked with you at least believed in you to the extent that they worked cases and they arrested people, right?

Yes, sir.

Now, we talked a little bit before we went on the record here, and one of the things I assured you at the time, and I'll assure you again, is that you're not in any kind of trouble with us, and as long as you tell the truth, anything you say can't be used against you. I'll tell you right up front. We have no intention whatsoever of doing that, and you have my assurance in that regard. As long as you tell the truth, then there is absolutely no problems here whatsoever, okay?

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