Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.


7:20 a.m. Commissioner Teele arrived at 1000 NW N. River Drive (gated building) and parked in front of the pedestrian entrance gate. He exited the vehicle and appeared to be using a key to enter through the gate and into the building.

7:43 a.m. Detective White observed Commissioner Teele exiting the building via the pedestrian gate carrying a manila envelope. He entered his vehicle and departed.

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7:47 a.m. Commissioner Teele arrived at Jackson's Soul Food Restaurant located on 3rd Avenue and NW 10 Street. He parked his vehicle in front of the restaurant on 10th Street and remained inside the vehicle. Sergeant Plasencia observed a black female (B/F) wearing a red shirt, believed to be Shirlene Ingraham, enter the Land Rover and sit in the front passenger seat next to Commissioner Teele. Commissioner Teele was observed holding documents in his hands and having a conversation with Shirlene Ingraham. It should be noted that also parked at the restaurant was an orange color Honda Element previously seen driven on 07/24/04 by Shirlene Ingraham.

8:04 a.m. Sergeant Plasencia observed the black female believed to be Shirlene Ingraham exiting the Land Rover and entering the restaurant. A black male (B/M), late 20s, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, entered the passenger side of the Land Rover. Commissioner Teele and the B/M departed.

8:12 a.m. Detective White observed Commissioner Teele and the B/M passenger arrive at 4646 NW 17 Avenue, Band Box Barber Shop.

9:15 a.m. Commissioner Teele and the B/M drove to the area of 3rd Avenue and NW 3rd Street, at which time visual contact was lost with the Land Rover.


During the early part of the 1990s, Evens Thermilus owned and operated a construction company by the name of Urban Constructors, Inc. It was during this time that Thermilus met then-Miami-Dade County Commissioner Arthur Teele. In the latter part of 1996 Thermilus ceased all construction operations, dissolved Urban Contractors, and started a new career in the music industry.

In the latter part of the 1990s, Teele, then a City of Miami Commissioner, lured Thermilus back into the construction business with the promise of lucrative CRA and City of Miami contracts. Thermilus followed Teele's advice and incorporated a second construction company by the name of TLMC.

From the latter part of the 1990s and continuing into the early part of 2000, Thermilus and Teele established a relationship that led to many government contracts being awarded to TLMC. Thermilus paid Teele approximately $135,000 in bribes/kickbacks for Teele's authority as a City of Miami Commissioner to influence and award government contracts to TLMC.

According to Thermilus, Teele approached him in the early part of 1999 and suggested that they start "doing business" together. Prior to that time, when Teele was a commissioner for Miami-Dade County, Teele and Thermilus had also "done business" together. "Doing business" together meant that Teele, in his official capacity as a Commissioner for the City of Miami and as chairman of the CRA, would assist TLMC in getting contracts with the City of Miami and the CRA and, in return, Thermilus would pay Teele substantial amounts of cash.


0600 hours Surveillance established on the target's (Arthur Teele) residence (555 NE 15 Street).

0934 hours Target left his residence. Note: Due to heavy traffic and construction, the target was lost in the area of the I-95 entrance ramp and Biscayne Boulevard. As a result, Detective Steve White surveilled Miami City Hall while this investigator covered Jackson's Restaurant, located on the corner of NW 3 Avenue and 9 Street, Miami, Florida.

1230 hours Target #2's (Shirlene Ingraham) vehicle arrived at the restaurant (copper Honda Element).

1320 hours Target #2's vehicle left the restaurant and was also being followed by an older model green Ford driven by a B/M between the ages of 25 to 35 years old.

1330 hours Both vehicles stopped at the Marathon gas station, located at NW 62 Street and 7 Avenue, Miami, Florida. (Occupants of the Element purchased gas.)

1338 hours Both vehicles left the gas station.

1341 hours Both vehicles arrived at a residence, located at 1050 NW 75 Street, Miami (white house with green trim).

1405 hours Target #2's vehicle became occupied by an elderly male and female and left the residence.

1449 hours Target #2's vehicle stopped at the SunTrust Bank, located on the corner of NW 20 Street and 14 Avenue, Miami.

1510 hours Target #2's vehicle left the bank.

1516 hours Target #2's vehicle returned to 1050 NW 75 Street. Note: Due to several "look-outs" in the area, we maintained a very loose surveillance on the residence. At 1700 hours, the surveillance was concluded.

Evens Thermilus

In 1997 Mr. Thermilus started to downsize his construction business and launched a career in the music-recording business. Thermilus named his new company "EKG Records." Thermilus stated that he invested nearly one million dollars in his new business. Thermilus also received additional money from other investors, such as Leon Butler and Carlton Adderly. Mr. Butler invested $92,000 without paperwork. This would be the first of many investments made by Mr. Butler.

Mr. Thermilus stated that Mr. Butler took him to his freighter located near the old East Coast Fisheries Restaurant [on the Miami River], where his narcotics were being transported via import/export (unknown name of shipping company) and stated, "Look at all this glitter and glamour. I come with the money and the öbling, bling' (diamonds and gold). Throwing money into a record company is like nothing to me." Mr. Thermilus additionally added that "He's (Leon Butler) not a person to be fucked with." Leonard Johnson, Lewis Puig, and Sam Ferguson of ZELA Records were investors also. (Note: Leon Butler was murdered in 2001, regarding a drug war. He was found in a vehicle near his home in Miramar. A "couple" of million dollars was discovered in the home.)

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