Letters from the Issue of July 28, 2005

Destructive development, promising playwrights, and art for the wealthy

I realize that space was limited and it would have been impossible to list everyone's involvement. There are many people whose hard work and vision have made Circ X the success it is today, in particular Natasha Tsakos. She is one of the most cherished performers of the troupe. Not only has Natasha been with me since the very beginning, but also she is truly one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. I can only say that I feel absolutely blessed to have her in my company and my life. I can assure you that you will see some great work from this woman, for not only is she an integral part of Circ X, but she is also an amazing independent artist, playwright, and visionary. She is the first and only artist I know to use live 3-D animation integrated with live performance. Curious? Check out her Website: www.upwake.com. She alone is worth a dozen features.

Diana Lozano

Circ X


Miami's Bold Cultural Initiative

Promoting art for the wealthy: I read The Bitch's story "Citizen Arcane" (June 16), and must comment how sad it is to learn of the imminent closing of the Miami-Dade Law Library. It is sad but not surprising when considering the demise of Miami's only classical-music radio station and Congress's 25 percent cut in funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

These losses affect all of us, especially citizens struggling financially who seek knowledge and culture. What next?

Mary M. Verona

Miami Beach


Owing to a reporting error in Rebecca Wakefield's article about the black-oriented weekly Miami Times ("Changing Times," June 30), Mohamed Hamaludin was incorrectly identified as the paper's former executive editor. For nearly fifteen years Mr. Hamaludin served as managing editor. New Times regrets the error.

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