Letters from the Issue of June 23, 2005

Just a retiree collecting a pension, police brutality, defensive art scenesters

DJ Alex Gutierrez

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Killer Serial: Not Just Girlie Action

Pride went before, ambition follows: I read Kirk Nielsen's "Bombshell Blowback" (June 16) and wanted to add a comment. Is chick the Greek prefix for "shallow drivel"? As in "chick-flicks," and now we have "chick-lit" too? Please. Guys like shallow drivel too. Maybe we can give this genre the prefix cock. We can have "cock-flicks" like The Fast and the Furious and "cock-lit" like, well ... say, do guys read? Oh, now I get it. Sorry, Herald. Right on.

Emily Eisenhauer

Miami Beach

Killer Serial: I'm Feeling Nauseated

A woman, I dare say without vain glory: Bravo to your paper for exposing this crap in Kirk Nielsen's story, "Bombshell Blowback." I've never seen such hype for such garbage. The Herald should stick to selling posters of the Miami skyline (their latest marketing manure ... I mean maneuver). Keep up the great work.

Warren Kaplan

Coral Gables

Free Alcohol Consumers Ire Underpaid Pourers

What potions I have drunk of sirens' tears: Regarding Kirk Nielsen's feature, "Super Booze Me" (June 9), I can't stand the people who go to these events. As a bartender in South Beach, I have worked some events and the people are so full of shit. They go to these things with no money to tip ("I'll be right back -- my purse is over there ..."), and of course they have a listing of all the open-bar events in their head for every night of the week. Perhaps they can give New Times an update if you ever need the info. They spend no money as soon as the event is over, and they want your attention as if they are the only person there. I think it is so amusing that these losers front that they are of importance, wealth, and social status, because someone might happen to catch a picture of them in Ocean Drive. As far as I'm concerned, you can meet people with more class and knowledge sleeping in a park.

Anthony Wolfe


Art Scenesters Bite Back Tersely

Is by a newer object quite forgotten: Sad to see you couldn't find something nice to say about Dustin Orlando and Objex Artspace, or someone to say something nice in The Bitch article, "Inanimate Objex" (June 2). Dustin obviously had problems, but in four years he did a lot of stuff, helped a lot of people, and a lot of people took a lot of pleasure from what he did, including me! Of course sadder still is that it ended like it did.

Robert Wyndam Bucknell III

Coral Gables

Jeb's Higher-Powered Busy Signal

Turn insurrection into religion: "Zen and the Art of Press Management" (June 16, Tristram Korten) was a great article! You may now be on The Path. Please see this story all the way through.

David Edwards

New Hill, North Carolina

Raw Fish on a Different Scale

Why muse you, sir? 'Tis dinner time: First and foremost I thank Bill Citara for the article he wrote about us -- "Plainly Delicious" (June 2). I just wanted to let you know that hamachi is not yellowfin tuna as you wrote, but it is Pacific yellowtail, which is a different fish. Everything else was correct. We apologize if you did not find to your liking the yakisoba or the toro. We will do our best to improve them. Once again, thank you for writing about us.

Rika Enomoto


There Is One Place in a City of Millions to Hear Electro

Turning again toward childish treble: I am writing this in reference to Mosi Reeves's article pertaining to the lack of electronic music being played in Miami these days ("Home Listening," June 2). Every Tuesday night in June in the upstairs room at Jazid on Washington Avenue, you can find good electronic music. It began this past Tuesday and was a hit. Feel free to pass by and check it out. I know the DJs and their taste in music are to be trusted.

Carrie Raele


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