Letters from the Issue of June 23, 2005

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Posada: No Candidate for Canonization

The happy tidings of his good escape: Brett Sokol's article "Terror Alert, Miami Style" (June 2), regarding Luis Posada Carriles, made one huge omission of fact. Mr. Sokol informs us Mr. Posada Carriles "escaped from a Venezuelan prison," but he (conveniently) forgets to mention he was awaiting an appeal after his second acquittal on charges stemming from the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner.

Mr. Posada Carriles is no candidate for canonization, but how many times should he be tried for the same crime? He does in fact have much "splaining" to do in reference to the 1997 Havana bombings, and for that he should have his day in court. But not in Cuba or Venezuela, where kangaroo courts and summary judgments are the norm, while due process is scarce and human rights are nonexistent.

Emiliano Antunez


Posada: Not Guilty but Did Time Just in Case

Fortune rubs against the bias: Sometimes it is not what you write in your articles but what you leave out that shows your bias. In Brett Sokol's story he writes about Luis Posada Carriles being "imprisoned in Venezuela for that crime, he escaped in 1985" in reference to the downing of Cubana's aircraft in the waters off Barbados.

He conveniently leaves out that Mr. Carriles was declared not guilty twice, by both civil and military courts in Venezuela, but nonetheless was never released and spent more than nine years in jail there. (Escaping is how one reacts to Venezuelan-style justice.) Keep up the bad work; it makes your intentions clear.

Carlos Mesegue


Posada: Helping Repel Democrats

Hide not thy poison with such sugared words: I never read your ultraliberal little newspaper specially because your writers always like to take a shot at the Cuban community you hate so much, mostly because of our great influence on politics. You cannot forgive us for our help in turning this city of Miami from a small, sleepy town into the big, vibrant city it is now. But a friend of mine told me to read your poisonous article, "Terror Alert, Miami Style," and there it was: your annoyance at what you call "The White House's persistent wooing of South Florida's Cuban-exile community." How it hurts, doesn't it? Thank God back in 2000 we helped elect our friend President Bush to office and prevented the liberal Democrat Gore from taking over and helping Castro even more than Clinton did. (Remember Elian? That was our revenge.)

Try to channel some of your liberal energy into writing about the thousands of well-meaning Cubans who have served and continue to serve this great country in the military, law enforcement, and other professions. Put your hatred away.

Alfredo Garcia


Posada: Fidel Is the Real Mass Murderer

This fell tempest shall not cease to rage: I read your article and learned some new details about this whole Posada affair. You tell us that "Posada ... is believed to be the mastermind of the 1976 midair bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. Imprisoned in Venezuela for that crime, he escaped in 1985, rejoining the CIA in El Salvador in their contra war against Nicaragua's Sandinistas." Did you know that while in jail in Venezuela he went through two trials and was acquitted in both? Why did you not mention this fact in your article? Lack of knowledge or lack of good will? Of course he had to escape, since they were trying to have another trial against him.

Why did you not mention the theory that Fidel himself was the mastermind of the bombing of the aircraft, just for the sake of blaming his enemies? What are 73 innocent people to Fidel when he never hesitated in sending thousands of people to die in El Congo? Or that he never hesitated to send murderous Che Guevara to die in Bolivia, or, before that, to order the killing of Comandante Cienfuegos just for being anticommunist? Your article fits well for young people or out-of-towners who do not know a thing about Fidel and his followers, but not for the rest of us around here who know better about this 45-year-old oppressive problem.

Adolfo Costa


Editor's note: In "Terror Alert, Miami Style," ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman was described as being "distressed by the behavior of CNN's Susan Candiotti," who, during a press conference, asked Posada: "Are you a monster?" Kofman says his distress was not directed at Candiotti but rather at attempts by Posada's supporters to portray him in a positive light and to manipulate the media. Additionally and once and for all, the name of a Florida-based reporter for the New York Times is Abby Goodnough. Finally, owing to a reporting error, New Times listed the wrong address for the La Salle Daycare Center in The Bitch ("Does NOT Love the Kids," June 2). The correct address is 2000 NW Second St.

Museo del Disco Captivates All

How irksome is this music to my heart: Regarding The Bitch's article, "The Incredible Hinsul Lazo Interview" (June 9). I've been buying records from Hinsul Lazo since he started The Village Record Store back in the late Seventies. His reputation among the local DJs has always been positive. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful and could teach a thing or two to his holier-than-thou counterparts on the Beach. I keep my sound fresh by checking his bins every few weeks, and he never disappoints. In Latin music, this is the only choice anywhere.

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