Letters from the Issue of June 16 , 2005

Journalists as zombies, best this, best that, best worst pick ever

Enough already about all the whining and crying over the good old days. Blame it on the lame-ass DJs and promoters who lack vision and creativity. You can't just open the doors and expect greatness; you actually have to pay talented people and allow them to do what they do in order to make the magic happen.

Kevin James


Best Time Warp

Stuck forever in the drag-queen past: I woke up Thursday morning, May 12, and thought it was 1992 again when I picked up "Best of Miami" and read you'd picked Adora as the Best Drag Queen. "She keeps her act fresh"? Do you people even go out to nightclubs?

Adora has been standing on the same milk crate lip-synching the same two songs for fifteen years. No drag queen in town can get a gig because Adora has a lock on everything in town. Why? Because club owners can't or won't think beyond A in the phone book.

Other than Edison Farrow there isn't a party promoter on the Beach with a vision. Speaking of which, wouldn't Daisy Deadpetals have been a better choice this year? She single-handedly went from hot, wet ass contests at the Copa to a legitimate career on WSVN's Deco Drive. Hell, Sexcilia died and she couldn't even get it posthumously.

Maybe one day you guys will get it right.

Anastasia Beaverhausen


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