28 Days Later

The article went on to describe the arrest of a man with a gun by Miami-Dade Lt. Mike Dieppa and Sgt. David Cohen. The county had temporarily dispatched some of its officers to help the Opa-locka PD get the city under control.

The day the story came out, one of the reporters received a phone call from the county police internal-affairs unit. He was asked to come in for questioning. The Herald also received an unrelated summons from the State Attorney's Office, asking for statements regarding the reporters' witnessing of the arrest.

Like Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel in The Prophecy, director Parker was upset one of his officers wasn't watching it with the public profanity. Clearly colorful vocabularies rank high on the list of problems in the Triangle. Parker's office referred The Bitch's calls to top police spokesman Robert Williams, who said he couldn't comment on any potential open investigation but did say that professionalism in general is taken seriously within the department. "The director is a firm believer in us keeping a professional attitude here," he said.

Avarice is numbered among the sins and stupidity 
Avarice is numbered among the sins and stupidity omitted

Herald general counsel Robert Beatty was advised of the requests. "I'm aware of the [verbal] internal-affairs request. We will respond to the State Attorney's Office request. That's the only official request we've received at this time."

Art Film Exasperation

While quietly munching some meat-free snacks at Yuca this past weekend, The Bitch noticed one of her fellow diners was Australian actor Geoffrey Rush of Quills and Elizabeth fame. Rush recently bailed on the current future masterpiece by the Brothers Quay (Institute Benjamenta) called The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, and The Bitch had to know why. Turns out there was simply a schedule conflict between Piano and the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. The Bitch loves Johnny Depp as much as the next female, but still. Rush on the marquee could've given the Quays some box office oomph, enough to expand their fan base beyond one devoted canine.

There Is a Loa

After five years at 2301 Biscayne Blvd., Jakmel Art Gallery will close May 28. Artist, musician, and vodou priest Jude Papaloko Thegenus says he'll move his Haitian-themed operations to Little Haiti, but he's sad to be a victim of gentrification.

"I'm moving because the building will be destroyed -- just like all the other little houses in the neighborhood -- to make room for a high-rise," Papaloko told The Bitch, adding that there's a "huge moving sale" through the end of the month at the gallery.

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