Lava Man

Meet I Wayne, author of "Can't Satisfy Her" and roots reggae's latest champion

It was at an early-morning sound system session when Ronald "Sonny Spoon" Wright first heard I Wayne sing. The former was so impressed with the young artist that he returned to the music industry (after leaving it a few years earlier) to manage him. "From the first word he said on the mike -- lightning -- it was like I was struck by lightning then," recalls Sonny Spoon. "I got what we in Jamaica call cold bumps [goose bumps], but these were bigger than bumps; it was like warts! Then I thought even if he have no lyrics besides this lightning, with his unique type of voice, I could work with him. But he went on for about three hours, and I heard so many great lyrics I was actually embarrassed about the thought that I had."

The humble singer is pleased about the positive impact he is making, particularly in redirecting dancehall's lyrical content. But he adds that his achievements are but a small step in a far more significant spiritual realm. "I encourage others to do positive music," says I Wayne. "Some gwaan with lewd, nasty lyrics, but I still gwaan blaze through the fire because it is a longevity thing."

I Wayne, reggae crooner and newly appointed voice of 
the people
William Richards
I Wayne, reggae crooner and newly appointed voice of the people


perform during the VP Records Memorial Day concert at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, May 29, at Tickets range from $45 to $100. Call 305-438-9488.
Bayfront Park, 301 N Biscayne Blvd, Miami.

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