Festering Wounds

Hostility among Haitians crops up in Miami

Pierre told New Times that only staff and musicians with backstage passes were allowed entry to the amphitheater stage. "This gentleman was not staff," Pierre said, adding he had never met Romain before that night. "He tried to fuss his way and that's why he was arrested."

When Pierre was confronted with paperwork provided by Romain indicating the two had spoken about making event T-shirts prior to the festival, his memory was jogged: "I do remember talking with this guy about the T-shirts," Pierre said. "Whether it was the same gentleman, I can't recall."

Romain claimed Pierre is feigning ignorance because he knows Jean-Poix was wrong but is protecting the Haitian-American police officers who worked the festival. "Everyone knows that Jean-Poix is the ticket fixer for the people who work in Dr. Pierre's office," Romain said. "I just want people to know that Haitian-American cops are violating the rights of Haitian Americans in Miami."

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