BEST NONVEGETARIAN RESTAURANT FOR VEGETARIANS Guru Restaurant and Wine Bar 232 Twelfth Street

Miami Beach

305-534-3996 Guru, like most Indian restaurants, offers a generous selection of vegetarian dishes. True, Guru isn't like most Indian restaurants. Proprietor Adish Jain offers an "international" menu that includes items such as Indonesian lemon fish, Argentine churrasco steak, and an American cheeseburger to go along with the kormas, masalas, and biryanis. But things work out exceptionally well for meatless diners just the same. The good veggie vibes begin via complimentary bhajia (vegetable fritter) with bowls of mint and tamarind dipping sauces and nan flatbread strips with cucumber raita. A few specially worthwhile selections from the quirky menu: dal makhani, a multidimensional lentil dish with unexpected textural variety; palak paneer, a spinach and tofu-cheese purée zinged with fresh ginger; and vegetarian dumplings in a mildly spiced yogurt-based sauce (kofta curry), the vegetable-flecked spheres so airy and tender you might find yourself looking at meatballs with suspicion from here on in. Sunday brunch is equally friendly to noncarnivores and a gift at twelve dollars.

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