Miami Gun Rhapsody

Who's packing heat in the Magic City? You don't have to conceal your curiosity a second longer

Randall L. Hilliard (Beach lobbyist)

Curtin K. Ivy, Jr. (mayor Florida City)

Barry Kutun (former Miami Beach mayor)

William H. Losner (Homestead banker)

Manny Medina (Terremark CEO)

Steven Perricone (owner, Perricone´s Marketplace and Café)

Josñ Quiñones (criminal defense attorney)

Clifford A. Schulman (civil attorney, Greenberg Traurig)

Rony F. Seikaly (former Heat player)

Victoria S. Sigler (judge)

George B. Slattery, Sr. (region´s top polygraph expert)

Jamie Suchlicki (University of Miami Cuba specialist)

Paul Vogel (former mayor North Bay Village)

Jeffrey S. Weiner (criminal defense attorney)

George T. Yoss (all-around attorney and Hank Adorno partner)

Some More Armed and Notable

Anthony Abraham (auto dealership magnate)

Pedro Adrian (real estate developer)

Cesar Alvarez (Greenberg Traurig chief executive)

Francisco Aruca (anti-Cuban Embargo businessman)

Roberto Casas (Hialeah councilman)

Alan Dorne (former North Bay Village mayor)

Eli Feinberg (lobbyist)

Neil Flaxman (labor union lawyer)

Armando Gutierrez (political campaign consultant)

Rafael Kapustin (real estate developer)

Ira Katz (prominent immigration lawyer)

Jevon Kearse (professional football player)

Fane Lozman (The Avenging Angel)

Gus Machado (auto dealership magnate)

Steven Marin (political campaign media strategist)

Jorge Mas (CANF chairman)

Ramon Mas (CANF chairman's brother)

Alberto Milian (former state attorney candidate)

Jose Milton (real estate developer)

Santana Moss (professional football player)

Hector Ortiz (Hialeah businessman)

Sergio Pereira (former county manager)

Jacob "Hank" Sopher (real estate investor)

Felipe Valls (La Carreta/Versailles owner)

Louis Terminello (nightclub and entertainment lawyer)

Gil Terem (Miami real estate investor)

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