At Ease in Two Worlds

New and ancient, real and perceived, Occidental and Oriental

Chu has also produced marionette landscapes, a poetic, counterintuitive act that either references or recalls the same spirit as Zen master Dogen's Mountains and Rivers Sutra: "The blue mountains are constantly walking.... The walk of the mountains is like that of men; so we must not doubt that the mountains walk simply because they may not appear to stride like humans." To the gods, worldly landscapes must appear mobile, and Chu interprets them with cloth skins, gesturally but beautifully embroidered with a patchwork of colors.

The exhibition amply displays Chu's watercolor studies, some of which she has built up to an opaque skin, others simply executed with a charming flair that reflects the best watercolor traditions of both the Eastern and Western worlds. This dual-worldly existence that seems to transcend time animates her work with a courageous energy that combines artistic polymath with an array of technical talents. It is that energy which makes the Anne Chu exhibit a tour de force.

The Puppeteer: Chu's life-size marionettes are the stars of the show
The Puppeteer: Chu's life-size marionettes are the stars of the show


Through July 3. 305-893-6211.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 770 NE 125th St, North Miami

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