Letters from the Issue of April 7, 2005

Arrogant politicians, fateful gunplay, Home Depot alternatives, steamy swamps

My boycott has been a fun learning experience. For instance, I just rediscovered Poe's Rentals on South Dixie Highway, which reminded me of the old My-am-uh of my youth -- you know, before the architecture of the Magic City became shimmering smoke and obscure mirrors. And I learned that Sunny South Paints actually gets the colors true the first time around.

Are you feeling powerless with regard to Home Depot's designs on the Grove Gate Shopping Center? If so, I urge you to put your consumer buying power to work and join in the boycott. Support your local small businesses. You certainly won't miss the frenzied Home Depot parking lots and the anonymous staff hiding in their beeping forklifts. You'll be amazed at all the little treasures still in our midst.

John Barimo

Coconut Grove

Prosecution or Persecution?

If you're going to charge one, charge them all: Regarding the story "The Drowned and the Saved" by Francisco Alvarado (March 3), the state is prosecuting Donald David Diener on felony child neglect and aggravated manslaughter charges because he let his stepdaughters play near the water. [Four-year-old Rainey Hillman drowned after falling into the water at Haulover Park Marina.] But what about the other children the girls were playing with at the time? Has the State Attorney's Office charged those equally negligent parents? Why not? They committed the exact same crime, and the law applies to all.

It looks like another case of a prosecutor trying to score an easy conviction to build up his record -- not a crackdown on negligent parents.

Chris Jahn

Coral Gables

From One Swamp to Another

The difference -- our swamp is a national park: My husband and I are soon leaving the swamp-cum-Bush frat party we call D.C. for Miami (by choice). Although we have visited many times, we are still pretty overwhelmed trying to figure out what makes Miami tick.

New Times has been a lifesaver. Real news, real recommendations, and good info that doesn't sound like it belongs in a SoBe hotel "info" guide. Now we have a good idea of what we'll love (and hate) about our new home -- and hey, what intersections to avoid!

Thanks again.

Tristan Cameron

Washington, D.C.

Pummeled Posteriors

Dan Savage is not for the faint of heart: I think it's great that New Times carries "Savage Love." Dan Savage kicks ass!

Rebecca Chancy


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