Letters from the Issue of March 31 , 2005

Crime victims, smear campaigns, dumbed-down radio, and dim critics

I miss listening to public radio. It used to be a welcome alternative to corporate media, but with sponsors like Wal-Mart and oil companies, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting I'm afraid has worked overtime to put the corporate back in CPB. Today I get most of my news from international sites on the Internet and most of my classical music listening from live performances and my own collection.

Ross Barentyne-Truluck


Food Critic Chewed Out

Delicious food meets foolish writer: I read Lee Klein's "Low Prices, Low Prospects" (February 3) and think he should find a new line of work. Tinello Cucina Italiana is one of the loveliest neighborhood restaurants you could find. The food is freshly prepared, well proportioned, and seasoned to perfection. My husband and I lunch and dine there often in our efforts to be healthy.

I have my old high school friends get together at Tinello's and everybody thinks it is delicious -- and the service is wonderful. We could not be treated better at the Ritz!

Negative reviews should not be printed without validation.

Kathy Wolfarth

Miami Beach

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