A Feast of Thieves, Part 2

More curious characters from the criminal conspiracy at Miami International Airport

The next morning McFarlane's friend Lignarolo stopped by Caride's office. "What do you have for me?" Lignarolo asked, according to Caride, who sent him away empty-handed. This led to another meeting with Junior and McFarlane at Soyka restaurant. "Caride recalls Chris [McFarlane] was very upset and he told him that he wanted to invoice more money. McFarlane stated, öWhat's it going to take to get the big money jobs. I want little overhead and big profits.'"

Eventually Lignarolo did get work at the airport and soon handed Caride an envelope containing $1000 cash for his efforts. "Caride told Mario [Lignarolo] that instead of future cash, he wanted some trees planted at the new house he was building off Sunset Drive. Mario agreed to plant some trees at the house.

"Mario then informed Caride that he had to go see the öbloodsuckers' Antonio Junior and Chris McFarlane. Mario told Caride that they were getting more on this job than he was. Mario asked Caride to please give him more work because those guys were killing him."

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