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The first private screening of Push will be April 8 at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale, but you can join the cast and crew at the Armadale Vodka-sponsored after party at State. Everyone will be there except for Palminteri, who is working with Ving Rhames on the USA Network's new version of the classic detective series Kojak.

The Power of Refusal The Bitch meant no mischief by thinking it would be possible to update her voter registration card during a visit to the new library in Miami Beach; after all, library systems throughout Florida partner with county supervisors of elections offices collecting voter applications. This saves patrons a few pennies and increases the library's range of services.

But such is not the case with the Miami-Dade Public Library System, as The Bitch discovered in an encounter with library adult services manager Arthur Liebhaber that sent her straight to the medicine cabinet. Upon being asked if he could handle the registration form, Liebhaber felt compelled to bust out his favorite tone poem about alienated labor: "I would prefer not to."

The men of Severe Pictures cut up in their Hollywood studio with Chazz 
The men of Severe Pictures cut up in their Hollywood studio with Chazz Palminteri


"Um, so you won't mail this for me?" The Bitch clarified.

"I would prefer not to."

Space Out With only days to go before Winter Music Conference, marketing director Ardis Robles has jumped the Space ship for the same job at Miami Beach's most air-conditioned nightclub, Amika. There has been much gossip on's message boards about Robles and the relative merits of Space's attempted Friday Recess parties, which some say contributed to her departure.

This forum could see some changes as, recently acquired by, may soon find its freeform style reined in a bit. "We are relaunching cooljunkie after Winter Music Conference, that's all I can say right now," Website owner Andrew Fox tells The Bitch.

Does that mean applying clubplanet's standardized formats over the more unruly cooljunkie? "We are not that rigid," Fox assures. "We just try and moderate a little."

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