Being an "athletic supporter" of raging commercialization myself, I would like to offer two suggestions on the topic: First, instead of a clit cup, market the device as a chin strap for people with glass jaws and brittle brains. Second, have the advertisements show a bunch of pimped-out hip-hoppers slapping around The Bitch as she models the headpiece -- a sure cure for her profligate inanities.

Russell Hones


Stevie Wonder and Me

I was there, you weren't: In "Reel-to-Reel Requiem" (February 17), Brett Sokol writes: "Back in 1975, Stevie Wonder spent nine straight months working on his Songs in the Key of Life at the Hit Factory.... " This is untrue.

I was the engineer on that album, and I can assure you we didn't spend nine months at the Hit Factory. We spent three months there, and only used one basic track on the album. All other tracks and overdubs, as well as mastering, were done at Crystal Sound in Hollywood.

This statement carries on the myth that Songs was done solely at the Hit Factory. And the length of time we spent there gets longer at each telling. Please retract the statement so the myth might start to die.

John P. Fischbach

New Orleans, Louisiana

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