Letters from the Issue of March 3, 2005

Dance music, Stevie Wonder, pot-smoking teens, and Leona Helmsley

Reeves implied that Tony has launched a press campaign so he can secure "larger fees from labels and artists" and "more clout within the music industry." Actually Tony is a laid-back, soft-spoken producer who would rather be in the studio than out pursuing a media campaign. In fact I should reveal that it wasn't Tony's idea to go after publicity, as implied in the story. His manager called my company, 4Sight Media, to work on the project after he won a BMI award for Sean Paul's "Like Glue" and after it was announced that the Def Jamaica album, which he co-produced, was nominated this year for a Grammy.

Tony's work with artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Wayne Wonder, Sasha, Super Cat, and TOK clearly demonstrates that he doesn't need a press campaign to get business in the dancehall/reggae world, as the article implied. In fact in the history of dancehall, Tony has had the most crossover hits of any dancehall/reggae producer.

Also Tony's brother Dave did not produce "No Letting Go." It was produced by Steven "Lenky" Marsden. Dave did produce some Wayne Wonder, but not that track. Since the article noted that Dave could very well be considered King of the Dancehall, New Times should consider doing something on him as well. He's contributed much to reggae/dancehall music -- and he hasn't retained a fabulous publicist like me.

I'm grateful that Tony is now getting some recognition for contributions he's made to dancehall/reggae, but he did not proclaim himself "King of the Dancehall." However, based on his track record for producing hits, he should have. Maybe we should call him by the article's headline: "Lord of the Dancehall."

Jackie O. Asare

Brooklyn, New York

Steve Shiver, Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart

Though united in arrogance, only two are jailbirds: In his article "Three Strikes, You're Out" (February 3), Forrest Norman reports that [former Homestead mayor and county manager] Steve Shiver boasted, "I own this town." With his arrogance and swollen ego, Shiver joins the likes of Leona Helmsley and Martha Stewart. And after his antics as county manager, he deserves to go where they went!

Anne Greer

Coral Gables

Editor's note: Forrest Norman has more to report about Steve Shiver. See page 13.


Owing to a reporting error in Omar Sommereyns's review of artist Brad Kuhl's show at the Buena Vista Building, the name of collaborating artist Monique Leyton was misspelled. New Times regrets the error.

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