Letters from the Issue of , 2002

Garrison Keillor, elitist farmers, Lincoln Road hazards, and rodeo hell

Nick Medina

Miami Beach

Lincoln Road: Unfriendly and Dangerous

No public facilities but plenty of collisions: First let me say that we love Miami Beach and really enjoy our winters here. As a Canadian snowbird, I too have some Lincoln Road observations to make.

I agree with Lee Klein's complaint about several beautiful public fountains and waterfalls being completely closed off to public access by restaurant tables and storage facilities. There should be a safe zone around them for the public to enjoy.

For a major Miami Beach tourist attraction, Lincoln Road has not one public washroom that I'm aware of. Shops and restaurants either say their washrooms are for patrons only, they don't have one, or theirs is out of service. A public washroom should be built somewhere about halfway along the Road. A security guard hired by Lincoln Road businesses would keep out the homeless. There should also be more public benches for people to stop awhile and enjoy the sights.

I can't believe that cyclists, Rollerbladers, and skateboards are allowed on the pedestrian walkway. They even insist on riding their bikes on packed weekends when even pedestrians have a hard time moving. I've seen several collisions. Some cyclists ride quite fast, and all it takes for a pedestrian to be run down is to change direction or stop. Or worse yet, for a small child to bolt out a doorway from his mother's hand and be seriously injured by a cyclist. People who use bikes on Lincoln Road clearly are not trying to get to another place quickly; they just want to be seen.

B. King

Ontario, Canada

Our Unfunny Homeboy

Which is the least of Pitbull's problems: I understand both sides of this silly argument about Miami's Pitbull ("Letters," February 10). Pitbull is not a good rapper. Below average. He looks more like a ferret with blue eyes than a pitbull. His voice needs to be doubled to make up for his lack of a commanding voice. Ninety-nine percent of his lyrical punch lines are not funny, even when he laughs in the background.

But you know what? He has a following down here. Though I don't understand it, I have to accept it. Maybe they like him just because he's from Miami. I won't support any local artist just because they're from Miami. The music has to be good.

Wil Hendricks

Miami Lakes

Rodeos from Hell

That, of course, would be the animals' point of view: I'm glad The Bitch hates the circus ("Loves the Kids, Hates the Circus," January 27) but I'm confused as to why a rodeo would be promoted just a few pages later in the same issue of New Times.

Before moving to South Florida this past summer, I helped Mercy for Animals with an investigation into traveling rodeos that came through Ohio. Our investigation caught on video animals being kicked, beaten with metal rods, shocked, and having their tails twisted. Instances of such abuse occurred at every single event we attended. The rodeos we investigated travel through many states, including Florida.

If you attend rodeos, you are supporting animal cruelty. To view the videos and investigation reports, visit www.RodeoAbuse.com.

Jen Foley

Miami Beach

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