Letters from the Issue of February 10-16, 2005

The Homestead Marlins, the Lincoln Road chaos, the Pitbull hype

It's also worth pointing out that the columns Basshead liked in the now-defunct Street were similar to his own in that they pushed their own agendas rather than cover the entire music scene in South Florida. I guess it's the bad celebrating the worse in some kind of circle jerk. Maybe it is Basshead who should get out more and see what is going on in South Florida. Popping into I/O and a Fatlip or Del show here and there isn't being a music editor. Harry Allen he is not.

Lee Williams

Brooklyn, New York

Pitbull -- Miami's Shining Light

You guys are a total disgrace: That article Brett Sokol put out on Pitbull, about how Miami needs to turn off the hype? Just to let you guys know, you got it all wrong. I really don't believe how you people, being from Miami, could crack on it so much.

Good luck finding support from the citizens of Miami, especially young people. Total disgrace. Thank you for dissing on the one thing Miami has to shine off.

Roberto Fuentes


A Thousand Words

Imagine more images: The January 13 issue of New Times reminded me of one of the main reasons I read your weekly: beautiful photography of people.

Jonathan Postal should be commended for his fine work in "The Rapture." Please give him even more room for photo essays à la the old Life and Look magazines.

Dan O'Donnell


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