Throw a damn tent over that thing!
Throw a damn tent over that thing!

Are you ready for some kickball? You know you totally kicked ass all over your elementary school field, but you lost interest once you realized that chicks dig football and soccer players, not dudes who bean them with a red rubber ball as they're trying to steal second base. Dodge ball has been getting all the attention lately, but did you know that kickball is the sport of the future? The World Adult Kickball Association claims to have "started the adult kickball craze seven years ago," with teams from Vegas to Prague. Registration for the Miami Coastal League is under way, but the game days and times are still being finalized. The season runs from April to August, and involves lots of partying and socializing in addition to competition. Registration fees range from $60 to $70, which gets you a nifty T-shirt and covers operational costs of WAKA. Call 866-350-1710, or visit (LO)

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