Letters from the Issue of January 27-February 2,2005

Dead ducks, bogus rapture, Home Depot, and cowboy swagger

Nina West, member

The Grove First

Coconut Grove

It's War, People Die

Don't give me that quagmire crap: This is my reply to "The Deadliest Day" by Eric Alan Barton (December 30): Ninety percent of Iraq is prosperous, safe, and ready for elections. Everything else is all "quagmire" bullshit. This is war, and people get hurt. If you're not ready to get shot at, don't join the military. And there are enough troops there to finish the job. All that's missing is the political will. For all his hard-ass cowboy swagger, Bush still hasn't pulled the trigger.

What's more, "Arab street opinion" is just fundamentalist crapola. Why should we give a flying jump about people who already hate us? Here's a solution: Let the Kurdish pesh merga take over. Inside of a year, Iraq will look like what the rest of that backward-ass region could become.

Jeffrey Bradley

Miami Beach

You Want Rules?

Try this one -- never ever trust lobbyists: I feel compelled to respond to Seth Gordon's letter "New Rules for a New Year" (December 30). I hope New Times doesn't take the crass advice of a second-string lobbyist when it comes to calling people "activists." Most activists I know are rational, intelligent, nice people who care enough about their activity to follow through, donate endless hours to their cause, and want the very best for their community. Unlike lobbyists, they can't be bought. In fact activists' work often gums up the lobbyists' goals.

Nancy Lee


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