Letters from the Issue of January 20-26,2005

Flack attacks, newspaper scoops, American fascism, and drug-addled Miami

So I joined the Miami Grassroots Campaigns organization headed by Chris Goldberg. He was the perfect man for the job. Chris was spectacular and was able to organize, develop, and motivate a raggedy group of folks who were dedicated to making things better for all of us, not just the rich. Chris had a thankless job: riding heard over 80 people, covering the entire metropolitan Miami area with people canvassing hour after hour, day after day, rain or shine.

Chris deserves a major round of applause and thanks from all Miami residents who care about the conditions and fate of the working man and woman, unlike our dubious governor, who in 2002 single-handedly ordered the destruction the Florida's Department of Labor. Yes, that's right: Florida now has the distinction of being the only state in the union with no labor commissioner.

Like any grass-roots organization, we had minor problems at the end of the work cycle -- election day -- and the confusion that came with it. The bottom line: We had a problem getting our very last paycheck, but it was an e-mail from Chris Goldberg directed to the payroll office in Boston that liberated my final check. As I said, Chris was a dedicated champion for human rights, dignity, and the protection of all civil rights. He certainly would never intentionally do anything to hurt the canvassers.

I would work for Chris again in an instant. I'd do it tomorrow! He's a strong, dedicated, highly motivating leader who deserves my thanks and the thanks of every person residing in South Florida for his undying efforts on our behalf.

Dan Aaronson

North Bay Village

Miami Miracle: Not All of Us Are on Drugs

I know it's hard to believe, but it's true: Jonathan Zwickel's article about DJ Gabriel Fain ("Bring It Back," January 6) was insightful except for one part. Why is it every time there's an article on Club Space in New Times, a drug reference needs to be made? I refer to this line: "By the summer of 2003, he ruled the patio of Club Space ... spinning after-hours sets on Saturday mornings to chemically enhanced dancers...."

That joke got old two years ago. I think New Times's writers need a new punch line for Space, and Miami nightlife in general. Not all of us are on drugs.

Dan Vidal

Miami Beach

Roe Woe

Caviar fanatics, brace yourselves: I read Pamela Robin Brandt's review of Marky's, the Russian gourmet market ("Crazy for Caviar," December 30) and wanted to say that on January 11 I purchased one ounce of fresh paddlefish caviar from Marky's. The cost: $16. I showed the clerk Pamela's article indicating the cost to be in the $8.80 to $11 range. He then produced a printout showing the $16 price. I think New Times should advise readers of the revised price.

Incidentally, I had asked for hackleback at the store but was told they had none as it was "out of season." In a follow-up phone call, I was told they indeed did have hackleback!

James Frank


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