WED 12

You'd better get in shape this year!
Courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment
You'd better get in shape this year!

You only need a few minutes with someone to decide if they're dateable. Sure, they may be cute, but if they've never read an entire book in their life or happen to be an unemployed puppeteer, it's time to move on to the next one. That is the concept that has made HurryDate so popular. Armed with a scorecard and ID number, you take a seat at a table for two and spend a few minutes chatting with your date until a whistle signals to switch. After each date, you mark your sheet to indicate "yes!" or "no thanks." At the end of the evening, you log onto a Website to enter the IDs of the keepers. HurryDate will match you up with interested daters and let the e-mail flirting begin. Tonight's event starts at 7:00 at Strike Miami, 11401 NW Twelfth St. and costs $35. Visit to RSVP. (LO)

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