Letters from the Issue of December 16-22, 2004

Commie columnists, Clapton memories, and Christian bigots

Now to the civics lesson. Even if being gay is a choice, the discrimination faced by gays is still wrong and our Constitution still exists to protect minorities from discrimination. The ideals upon which our country was founded are based on the concept that government is a creation of man, not handed down by God. The Pilgrims, facing the same sort of discrimination faced by gays today, fled England because of their beliefs, which, ironically, were very conservative.

Ruthie went on to say, "I don't want you to have the legal right to do wrong." Our founding fathers would disagree. As long as the people in question are not harming others, they have the right to do as much wrong as they want and are equally protected by the Constitution.

Who did Jesus love and accept into his flock? The sinners, the outcasts, the lepers, the fallen, weak, and infirm. Ruthie J probably has a good heart and good intentions, so she should leave gays alone and do God's work -- feed the hungry, house the homeless, and love her neighbor.

Errol Portman


Anonymity Is for Cowards

Nameless reader ridicules nameless writer: I do not find it surprising that The Bitch refuses to put her name on her column. Slamming Ash Rana, a local designer and businessman who has been a pioneer in the Design District, a fundraiser for many local charities, and a colorful contributor to the Miami scene for many years, will surely make The Bitch a target for the kind of biting criticism she loves to spew but obviously is afraid to take ("Fashion Weak," November 11). Lil' Kim discovered Ash several years ago, not this past summer, and he dresses many stars, from Juanes to Tim McGraw. No wonder Ash was disturbed by The Bitch's comments about his show at the Miami Art Museum.

Why not support access to the arts for a whole new audience? Or is it that The Bitch feels art is too esoteric to be shared with those she feels are her intellectual and cultural inferiors? Words like "snotty" and "amusing" only make her seem more bitter than bitchy. And frankly, darling, it isn't pretty.

Name Withheld by Request



Owing to a reporting error in Francisco Alvarado's story "True Glove" (December 9), boxer Glen Johnson's trainer was misidentified. His name is Orlando Cuellar. Also in last week's issue, the name of the host of Sister Love, broadcast on Miami-Dade's Cable TAP channel, was misspelled. The correct spelling is Jessica Dorcee. New Times regrets the errors.

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