WED 22

Back in the days of Jim Crow, the jook joint was a place away from the work camp, out in the pines, where hard-working folks got together to celebrate the day's end. Nowadays, the vibe has changed, but the name remains. The Kola Nut Café (250 NE 183rd St., Miami Gardens) is the kind of refreshing establishment that serves four-dollar martinis all night and prides itself on not serving bottom-shelf, brand X liquor. The weekly Jook Joint is an evening of spoken word poetry hosted by HBO Def Poetry Jam alumnus Will Da Real One. After the poetry jam, the dance floor is open for business. Speak your mind this and every Wednesday night at the Kola Nut Café. Happy hour runs from 5:00 to 8:00, and the first poet typically hits the stage at 8:00. Admission costs seven dollars, but poets get in forfour bucks. Call 305-785-7130. (PEGY)

Get Dirty, N'Awlins style
Get Dirty, N'Awlins style

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