Effloresce and Deliquesce

Our only hope is Willie Williams. Get well soon, guy. South Florida sports needs you.

Flamingo Parking

A precious piece of Flamingo Park is going to be returned to the public. Some months ago a grassy area facing the basketball courts was fenced in and converted into extra parking spaces for City of Miami Beach property-management workers. The parking area got the trees and shade; the public was left with a muddy strip of ground. Complaints reached Commissioner Matti Bower, who looked into the matter and told The Bitch: "The space is being reconfigured and the fence moved back behind the trees." Assistant City Manager Bob Middaugh concurred: "We plan to re-sod the area and put benches there," he said, but also added that they were "waiting for the opinion of an arborist" concerning the work.

Building a Better Body Image

Joanna Popper and Arne Zimmermann, friends for about three years, had been thinking about a way to combine their respective interests. Popper, 31, suffered for years from an eating disorder, and while she has freed herself from the behavior, she retains the recoverer's obsession with the illness.

Zimmermann, 35, is a documentarian. After counseling University of Miami students about food-related compulsions, Popper began conducting interviews and taping some of her subjects talking about their experiences, and quickly realized that Zimmermann was the right partner to help her expand on this filmic concept. The result:The ABCs of Eating Disorders, a short on anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating.

A test audience shown the film commented that it was too sexy and stereotypically Miami. "We had a lot of background footage of the beach, but we had complaints about too much skin and women in thongs," laughs Zimmermann. The pair re-edited the feature to make it flesh-appropriate for those in middle school and up, and now Popper is hoping to receive a grant so the film can be distributed for use in Miami-Dade schools. For more information, visit www.zakto.com/abc.

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