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Locos Por Juana are just like Miami: All mixed up and ready to rock

But as fun and rambunctious as LPJ sound live, their concerts have a more serious function. Correa said that he transmits his messages of respect for family and for women through performance.

"Before a concert, I'm praying," he said, explaining that when he's on stage jamming, he shows people the beauty of creation through music and dance. He believes that people gain strength from their shows to go home and face serious problems there like domestic abuse.

LPJ believes that they help the Latino community break out of its self-imposed censorship. "Many Latins didn't used to feel free to wear a Che Guevara T-shirt because they thought they would upset a whole community. Maná said something about the Estefans and then felt obligated to apologize. The new scene doesn't care about that," Cabral said.

Guillermo Cabral holds his newborn son Zion, an inspiration to the Locos family
Jonathan Postal
Guillermo Cabral holds his newborn son Zion, an inspiration to the Locos family

Nor do they stick to superfluous details such as song lists. The band is built on improvisation: besides, the members know each other so well that a harmonized fusion comes naturally in their improvisational numbers. "People are used to listening to music from people who play without feeling. But feeling is how we freestyle," said Torres.

"I once heard that making plans is like stealing from God, so it's better to be spontaneous," seconded Correa, whose rap is often about whatever he sees at that moment. If there's a candle on the table in front of him, for example, it becomes the light of the world.

"We all have our own perspectives," said Avila. Bottom line: "If you wanna see the world and save a lot of money, go to an LPJ concert."

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