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David Yellen

Too Fast For Love

powerHouse Books

Fred Harper

David Yellen's portraits of the groupies, wannabe rockers, and white trash divas of the heavy metal scene appear to be straight out of the Eighties, when folks were busy trashing the ozone layer with tons of aerosol hairspray. But the time warp he captures in Too Fast For Love actually comes from the year 2000, when Yellen drove around the country in search of insatiable party characters. What amounts to hysterical eye candy for most is rendered lovingly by Yellen's sympathetic lens; we might be making fun, but he's not. But really, who doesn't love checking out mullets on both men and women? -- Tamara Palmer

The Rolling Stones

Rock And Roll Circus


Like the Beatles' made-for-TV debacle, Magical Mystery Tour, this 1968 Big Top circus was a big flop, never even making it to the airwaves. Gaudy even by Stones standards, the music, courtesy of Taj Mahal, Jethro Tull, Marianne Faithful, and The Who, is superb. Even John Lennon showed up, bowing "Yer Blues" with Keef and Clapton in tow. Nevertheless, the Stones stole the show, as Jagger leered suggestively while soon-to-be deposed guitarist Brian Jones was clearly drifting toward the cosmos. Loaded with extra footage and commentary, this DVD is ideal for the archivist, though Yoko's wretched warbling deserves a warning label all its own. -- Lee Zimmerman

Various Artists

Live Aid

Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlantic

Nearly twenty years later, Live Aid, that dizzying, multicontinental music fest that brought together dozens of pop's leading lights in a noble effort to help Africa's starving, remains a dazzling feat. While much has transpired since -- including the passing of some participants (including Queen's Freddy Mercury, who nearly stole the show), breakups (The Who, Duran Duran), and reunions (The Who, Duran Duran) -- much remains the same. Sting, Ozzy, U2, and Elton were headliners then and remain so today. Sadly too, the suffering that brought them together hasn't vanished, either. Never mind that the reformed Led Zeppelin vetoed their inclusion; for $30 you reap four discs and contribute to the cause. Let them know it's Christmas time. -- Lee Zimmerman

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