Looking for books in all the "Kool" spaces
Looking for books in all the "Kool" spaces

Life in the working world's fast lane is like being inside a giant hamster wheel. The week becomes a relentless cycle: work-work-work until you're physically drained for five, sometimes six, days, then spend the weekend in a bleary-eyed stupor, wondering what happened to all of your "me" time. Maybe it's time to make a change. If life inside the wheel is grinding your spirit into a fine powder, come to Mateja Petje's Balanced Living discussion today. She's a Reiki practitioner who is certified in clinical hypnosis. Besides working on her soon-to-be-published tome, My Journey to Self-Discovery, Petjie has developed the "Triglav Approach," a holistic strategy to soothe your mind, body, and spirit, get you away from the daily challenges that wear you down, and start you on your spiritual journey. Get enlightened tonight at 7:30 at the 32 Paths Spiritual Bookstore, 3444 Main Hwy. Call 305-461-2341. (PEGY)

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