Trouble at Home

Note to Miami's Kerry boosters: All politics is local

After a flurry of phone calls among Alvarez's transition-team members, and some subsequently embarrassed apologias from Hizzoner's fumbling new staffers, it now appears that the Keith Butler in question is not the Detroit crusader. Instead it's a lesser-known Keith Butler, the one who heads Liberty City's New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church and whose chief claim to political fame is that he was one of the few black reverends Alvarez could cajole into endorsing him on the campaign trail.

It was quite a case of mistaken identity ("No, no, I'm Idi Amin the certified public accountant"), one that Alvarez's assistants were blithely chalking up to "computer error." Ah, yes, a computer glitch. Perhaps John Kerry's erstwhile backers, so up in arms over those errant electronic votes, have finally found a local issue to get fired up about.

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