The Bitch

End Times

In Loving MemoryCasa Casuarina, the Ocean Drive mansion that once belonged to murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace, should really be designated the official Capitol building for the entire Miami area. It has just the right degrees of association with violence and scandal, over-the-topness, and a kind of cheeky, winking, architectural contrivance. At a party there this past week given by Condé Nast, Tony "Mr. Nightlife" Miros, who is busy putting together the upcoming White Party, and Miami Herald columnist Leslie Abravanel gave The Bitch a nice tour, complete with fond remembrances of Versace and mingling with Cher and Elton John.

On hand as well were an ashy-looking Flavor Flav, his fierce Public Enemy days long behind him (though he still has the big clock around his neck), and pert fashion purveyor/Target merchandiser Cynthia Rowley. Rowley, who often appears with business partner and former New York Times style editor Ilene Rosenzweig in ads for the retail chain, was pleasant enough, but admits, sadly, that she is not acquainted with Bullseye, the rare white English Bull Terrier who is the official Target mascot.


"I have the necessity to locate Mr. Raymond Bradbury, author of The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. Does the possibility exist you could find him? Any information that you manage to send will be a lot of help."

- Daniel Vergara Millalonco in a letter to The Bitch

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