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Is locally notable fashion designer Ash Rana getting too big for his amusing size one, three, and five britches? Back in the day, The Bitch and Rana peacefully shared a sheet cake at some party or other. The Design District celebrity also wasn't too good to occasionally fill in behind the bar at 190, which is next to his studio on NE Second Avenue and 46th Street. Over the summer, though, the Nepal native and Fashion Institute of Technology grad caught the eye of Lil' Kim and got some serious ego stroking from Women's Wear Daily. When The Bitch made neutral note of his runway routine at a recent "Jam at MAM," Rana sent a snotty message -- through a third party no less -- informing the vintage-collecting canine that, in case she didn't know, Europeans often mix haute couture with serious art. (Sure, John Galliano mounted a catwalk carousel at the Louvre. But Galliano, after being the savior of the House of Givenchy, now heads another little label: Christian Dior.) "Yeah, and?" retorted The Bitch, brandishing her EU passport when she ran into Rana at the Latin Funk Fest at State.

Lately Rana, who himself has been sporting a sort of Duran Duran meets Gilligan's Island look, has totally been Mr. Party Man. The Bitch has spotted him not just at State but at the CD release party for Tomas of Aquabooty, I/O, and Mansion. Less profiling, more styling, that's what The Bitch recommends for Rana.

Tomas is one  hell of a DJ
Tomas is one hell of a DJ

About that Aquabooty party ... Nice work, Tomas. The CD, Suite Dreams, was mixed by the up and coming (and still very humble) DJ to tie in with a promotion for Miami's boutique hotels sponsored by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau. The launch was in Miami Beach at the gorgeous space in the old Paris Theater at 550 Washington Ave., a luminous cavern that recalls Limelight or Area, complete with costumed dancers and billowing Hellraiser-style fabric panels.

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