A Tale of Two Menus

Purple eggplant in a mildly spicy, slightly sweetened, garlic-laden brown sauce elicited praise from my dining companions, as did the way scrambled eggs blanketed the top of a "young chow fried rice" studded with an overload of baby shrimp and diced roast pork. A chopped-up half hen crisply stir fried with bell peppers earned equal accolades, but hardly any words were spoken about the tender morsels of beef flank stewed with malanga in coconut-laced brown sauce, nor for "bay leaves duck," whose smoky, exotic, laurel-and-five-spice aromatics emanated in all directions. They were so good we were left speechless.

The dim sum menu at Lung Gong is long gone, but a handful of items remains. One of these, sweet potato cakes, is served as dessert, and it's a dandy -- eight fast-food-hamburger-size patties, each with wispy, pan-fried crust and mildly gelatinous, sweetly delicious sweet potato purée inside. Anyone who enjoys this tuber will find these discs irresistible, as surely as anyone who treasures the unique allure of authentic Chinese cooking will be absolutely agog about Lung Gong. For everyone else, there's the yellow menu.

The blue menu's sweeping breadth and awesome authenticity set this place apart
Jonathan Postal
The blue menu's sweeping breadth and awesome authenticity set this place apart

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Lung Gong Restaurant

11920 SW 8th St.
West Dade, FL 33184

Category: Restaurant > Chinese

Region: West Dade


305-553-4644. Open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
11920 SW Eighth St, West Miami-Dade

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