The Goods Fella

Jim Camacho testifies about contracts, breakups, and the need to make music

Camacho has several projects in the works. One is already finished: Stalker Songs, produced by Miami mainstay Rat Bastard, features Camacho alone, accompanying himself on guitar and piano.

Then there are the album-in-progress with Waxburn, and Fool's Paradise. The latter, which Camacho has nurtured for the past five years, is a musical about a love triangle in Nazi-occupied France; a budding actor, he plans to record the production live at Churchill's Pub on December 10 and 11. Meanwhile, Utsick, who now manages Camacho as a solo artist, may have landed "Trippin' In The Fun House" by The Goods on the Hilton film soundtrack.

"There are so many things I want to do," says Camacho. "For me, it's about the body of work. So if I get one song in a Paris Hilton movie, maybe people will hear it and will look back at the other things I've done."

Jim Camacho (right), Beatles enthusiast, ace songwriter, and almost famous
Jonathan Postal
Jim Camacho (right), Beatles enthusiast, ace songwriter, and almost famous

In the meantime, he has also reunited with brother John in Beethose, a band that covers entire Beatles albums such as Revolver and Rubber Soul. The band often performs at the Marlin Hotel and Tobacco Road. And, before the year is out, Camacho plans to embark on a series of solo showcases that will take him to other parts of the country. "I'll get in the car and go," he promises. "My goal is to get rid of all these CDs as quickly as possible.

"What I'm doing is so ridiculous," Camacho concedes. "But this is my life. What else am I going to do? God wouldn't give you the desire without the ability to achieve it."

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