The Ride to Perdition

Miami-based is a leading purveyor of Internet porn, but at what cost to naïve models?

McKay began working for Ox Ideas at the going rate of $300 a scene. A few scenes a week was enough money to double what he was making at the restaurant, but he says his new vocation took a toll on him.

After being strung along for months with promises of riches and fame, McKay says that he had had enough. It wasn't so much the ethics that troubled him, but the fact that Ox Ideas refused to let him work for any other companies. While on a shoot for Bangbus in Prague, he phoned Penn Davis in Miami and tendered his resignation.

Trying to make a name for himself and his band, he is still actively searching for more work in the adult film industry. "Little 14- and 15-year-old boys recognize me all the time. It's great," said McKay.

Fred Harper
Fred Harper

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