The Ride to Perdition

Miami-based is a leading purveyor of Internet porn, but at what cost to naïve models?

What's more, Ox Ideas wrote out a check to Donnie for the entire $1200. Unbeknownst to Lori, Donnie was himself in serious debt. So it isn't surprising that he would take advantage of the situation and exploit his former lover. He had already pimped her out and now it was time to collect. He cashed the check and vanished.

"As far as the payment, it's common that one of the two individuals performing will ask for full payment to be made to one of them because of lack of a bank account or what have you. If her boyfriend hustled her out of her money, there really isn't anything Bangbus can do about that," said Walters.

Two weeks later, Lori furiously clicked on her mouse as she saw her video still posted on She phoned Ox Ideas and received some devastating news.

Fred Harper
Fred Harper

"I called and I said to them, öHey, my movie is still up and it's been more than two weeks.' They were like, öSo what?' I told them what I had been told, but they said that the only way they could take my video off was if I paid them the amount of money it had made them up to that point. When I asked them how much that was, they said it would be around $50,000," said Lori. A 30-day subscription to costs $34.95.

"As far as taking the pictures down, there has not been a request of that nature, to my knowledge, in the last several years," said Walters. "If someone sold the rights to a picture or performance and someone wants to buy those rights back, there would certainly be nothing wrong or illegal in requesting that that someone pay to buy those rights back. But I'm not aware of any kind of offer like that."

Lori asserts she did make that claim but felt she had come to an impasse when the $50,000 payment came up. "These people have all this money. I signed their papers. There was nothing I could do," she said.

In the end, and perhaps where she should have started, Lori was forced to borrow the money for the abortion from a sympathetic friend.

Porno Pros

Lori's story is a sad one, but one woman's singularly heartbreaking tale is not enough to fully reflect the misogynistic undercurrent that permeates the Bangbus offices, and by default, our city, according to another star.

Mike McKay found Lori's plight all too familiar. McKay is a porn star, but he wasn't until the day he, like Lori, started paying attention to Greg Entner. In addition to being the front man for the local rock band Car Bomb Theory, McKay, 27, has performed in more than a hundred adult films produced by Ox Ideas. He is a porno pro. But like Lori, he describes less-than-ideal circumstances, even by those of the sex trade, at Ox Ideas. He recalls the time a police officer noticed a 19-year-old's tight ass pressed up against the back window of the Bangbus, and pulled the van over. The camera kept rolling as the officer let the crew go in exchange for another flash from the teenager.

"The shadiest shit I saw, though, was all the double standards. The girls have to be completely sober all the time, but I knew there was cocaine being done by some of the administrative heads of the company. I knew Greg, was, you know, definitely on that blow, "said McKay, who also speaks candidly of seeing women cry after their shoots and recalls how Entner would just laugh at them.

Dirty Sanchez wasn't laughing, though, when New Times showed up unexpectedly at his $398,000 Brickell Key condo after weeks of going through official channels trying to get an interview. An obviously pissed off, though civil, petite, blond woman with a perfect tan and not-so-perfect English handed the reporter a cell phone. On the other end was Entner, who agreed to meet with us, provided we stop infuriating his wife.

Chubby, short, and unshaven, Entner awaited us at the entrance to an art gallery a few miles from his home where some of his other work was on display; he's also a painter.

He was wearing a pair of gray shorts, a black baseball cap, and sandals, looking rather inconspicuous, despite the word "Bangbus" written in big, bright, red letters across his T-shirt. "Dude, I can't talk to you," he said. "They [Ox Ideas] don't want me to say anything to you."

Okay, but we have people claiming you are a coke-sniffing misogynist, are you sure you don't want to respond?

"People say all sorts of shit, it's probably not true," said Entner, adding a string of "no comments."

Entner met McKay while the latter was working as a server at Café Tu Tu Tango in Coconut Grove. "[He] said all kinds of things. He said, öMikey I'm going to make you a star. You'll make anywhere from ten to fifteen Gs a month ... he said he was going to get me interviews on Howard Stern. He promised me all kinds of shit. Like the devil, man, like the devil," McKay said.

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I feel bad, cause Lori was one of my fav. Enter is a dick tho, everyone knows that

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