The Ride to Perdition

Miami-based is a leading purveyor of Internet porn, but at what cost to naïve models?

Hinson and Davis solidified Miami's position as a pornographer's mecca. The area had been slowly gaining a reputation as an alternative to the West Coast scene; Hustler, Playboy, and a host of other companies had been shooting on South Beach. But it wasn't until the advent of Ox Ideas that our town became a feeding ground for executive pimps. Log on to any of the Ox sites and eventually you are bound to spot someone you recognize. was Ox Ideas' first venture into producing exclusive content. It was relatively soft-core compared to their third site,, which eventually became the company's flagship.

Bangbus offers an element of verbal abuse coupled with the perception of reality. It is supposed to convey the illusion that what is shown is real, and that this is the way most women would respond. While big productions from Hollywood had marquee names such as Jenna Jameson and Sylvia Saint, Bangbus focused on a more natural look. No longer was porn going to be in the hands of a few distribution companies with lavish sets. Gone were the double-D boob jobs and the wigs. Instead, every effort was made for the scenario to appear as real as the sex.

In just a few years, the Bangbus made a name for itself. T-shirts and bumper stickers bearing the bus logo were a common sight on the streets of Miami. This led to a slew of Magic City copycats attempting, with moderate success, to ride the Bangbus coattails to riches themselves. Each of the copycats added its own flair, but all had the elements of reality porn made famous by Hinson and Davis.

Fred Harper

Even though Ox Ideas' principals keep details of its financial dealings to themselves, there is big money in porn.

"We don't feel the squeeze from the down economy at all," Hinson says in an interview published on the industry site AVN Online. "Losing your job isn't going to make you want to stop masturbating; trust me, I've lost several jobs. It's one of the laws of economics; the sixth one, I think. Some things are necessities like food, water, shelter, TiVo, and porn."

The Bangbus formula is simple. As the bus -- really, a white rental van -- drives all over the Miami area, Greg Entner, who "performs" under the name Dirty Sanchez, acts as an antagonistic host and narrator who offers money to supposedly unwitting women in exchange for sexual favors. This is all smoke and mirrors, though. Usually, the people having sex are rookie couples or professional models. Once the women are "convinced" to get inside the van, the action starts, but it's not a pool table quickie approach. The actual sex doesn't come until the last ten minutes of the film. The majority of the time is spent suspending disbelief by capitalizing on the assumption that women will do anything for a few dollars.

Lori needed the money, but once she knew she would be having all-out sex in front of the camera, she says she was hesitant: "They kept emphasizing the money. öThink about the money. If you need the money, we'll give it to you, just as soon as you sign.' I had never heard of Ox Ideas and I figured no one else had either, so I did it."

Lori claims that she was unaware Ox Ideas and Bangbus were one and the same until the day of the shoot.

"Greg [Entner] came out and said that it would just be a minute while they cleaned the bus, and that's when he told us about the skit," Lori recalls.

Entner was polite and amicable until the red light came on, she says, but once the camera was rolling, he let his true colors show. "That's when he became a total prick. He started to taunt me and just make me feel very small."

On the video it is clear that Lori is not happy. Entner berates her until she calls him an asshole. At one point, he directs Lori to bark like a dog, and later, with Donnie in her mouth, to squeal like a pig. Lori, afraid she would end up doing all this for free, grudgingly agrees. Donnie chuckles and trades high fives with Sanchez.

She was encouraged, however, by the thought that in a couple of days she would receive her share of the $1200 she and Donnie had just earned and this crisis would be behind her. The sad truth is that in the world of reality porn the only sure thing is that you are going to get fucked. Poor Lori found this out the hard way. In a matter of hours, her images were available to anybody with Internet access and a credit card.

For Internet porn worshipers, Wednesdays are the Sabbath. That is the day posts the new videos for the week. When co-workers and patrons from Lori's restaurant job downloaded her Bangbus episode, they instantly recognized her.

Not only was her image the Bangbus feature of the week, but, by the next day, people had already started to trade her video file, much as music lovers do with MP3s, on peer-to-peer file sharing networks such as Kazaa and WinMX. Once it was posted to one of these networks, Lori's video file was renamed with her true identity and workplace. After that, it was only a matter of time before her brother in upstate New York, an avid WinMx user and Bangbus fan, would come across his little sister's fifteen minutes of shame.

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I feel bad, cause Lori was one of my fav. Enter is a dick tho, everyone knows that

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