Letters from the Issue of October 14-20,2004

Politics on campus and cops on cops

That's not to say that the Police Benevolent Association has agreed with every single decision. But at the end of the day, what sets Alvarez clearly apart is his integrity.

Even without having been at the meeting where Mr. Korten interviewed the dissident officers, I can pick out most of that cast of characters. They are individuals who have themselves practiced what they now accuse Alvarez of doing. And while I disagree with Bobby Brown, Bernardo Bestardo, and Juan F. Fernandez, their decision to exercise their right to speak is admirable. As for the rest of them, they always seem to hide while slamming others. They are nothing more than cowards. And the higher their rank, the bigger the coward. Be sure to tell them John Rivera said that!

John Rivera, president

Miami-Dade County Police Benevolent Association


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