The Bitch

Curry really wants the seat. He wasted no time bringing his ability to rally 'round an issue to the service of his favorite cause. He met with or called commissioners and the mayor, although Diaz doesn't get a vote. His supporters organized a rally at Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday afternoon, which involved handing out T-shirts and arranging transportation for supporters to flood city hall Tuesday evening, when commissioners were to discuss filling the vacant seat.

County commission chairwoman Barbara Carey-Shuler said she recommended to Diaz that the commission have a special election because an appointee will have a hard time convincing the community he or she isn't just a lackey. A number of candidates have asked her to put in a good word for them, but she's staying out of it for now. "I think Victor's a fine person," she says when asked about him. "I could work with him."

Albena Sumner, the president of the Allapattah Homeowners Association, expresses a sentiment echoed by many, especially those who support Teele: The current jockeying by would-be politicians only plays into the hands of the people running the city, who want to keep the black community's money for themselves. "It just sticks in my craw," she says. "Even the so-called black leaders don't live in the community. They raise the money and they come for the votes. The people prostituting themselves to be appointed? What is their background as far as Overtown, Allapattah, Liberty City? They are playing politics as usual."--Rebecca Wakefield

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