Letters from the Issue of September 30 - October 6,2004

Confusing breastfeeding with lawyering, and getting there by bus

Make no mistake: Once the Fanjuls' polluting interests plant cul de sacs and building pods in the Everglades Agricultural Area, restoration of the Everglades will never, ever happen. The costs will be incalculable, and New Times is right to indicate that the profits to the Fanjuls will be on the order of many hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe more.

In anticipation of all that is now coming to pass (as detailed in Barton's excellent story), earlier this year the Sierra Club withdrew its support for the charade called the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. The only thing comprehensive about it is how thoroughly the Everglades is being trashed.

The appropriate thing for the Palm Beach County Commission to do is petition Jeb Bush to enact a building moratorium in the Everglades Agricultural Area until government agencies do what they promised years ago: develop a contingency plan for adequate surface-water storage to restore the Everglades. Instead we have "aquifer storage and recovery," a plan to drill 333 wells, located in drinking-water aquifers, that will "save" wasted water. No one, not even the sugar industry, believes the plan will work, yet the entire Everglades game is based on it.

So let's find out how much of the Fanjuls' vast holdings need to be put into conservation before allowing them to turn their property into zero-lot-line housing.

The development permits now moving through the system are the cynical fulfillment of the kind of tortuous delays and politicking at which the Fanjuls and other sugar barons have excelled. The Everglades have paid the price. We taxpayers have paid, and we will continue to pay.

Jeb Bush may have succeeded in shutting Sierra Club out of state courts. For that he and the Fanjuls can thank people like Gaston Cantens. But they will never succeed in shutting us up.

Brian Scherf

Everglades Committee Co-Chair

Florida Chapter

Sierra Club



Owing to a reporting error in Lee Klein's review of the Michael Collins Grill in Miami Beach ("Craic Heads," August 19), one of the restaurant's owners was misidentified as Michael Collins. The owner's name is Jim Collins.

In the September 9 "Night & Day," an editing error resulted in the incorrect photograph being used to depict artist Patrick Boucard's Coloured, part of "Lespri Endepandan: Discovering Haitian Sculpture," now on display at FIU's Frost Art Museum. Instead the photo showed Pierrot Barra's Sen Jak. (For more photos from the exhibit, see Alfredo Triff's article "The Unseen Haiti," in Culture.)

New Times regrets the errors.

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