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Alonso-Poch maintains that the existence of a tenth grade was always "subject to enrollment, like in any other school." He wonders whether Billman, perhaps, should have "kept track of the tenth grade enrollment at the school to get a sense of how enrollment was coming along and make alternative plans? I think a diligent parent would have."

Billman says diligent school administrators would have informed her about the "enrollment contingency" up front. "There was never any mention, verbal or otherwise, that suggested an enrollment criterion," she grumbles. "There were, however, many promises of a full curriculum that would address all levels of students."

In the end, however, it is all The Bitch's fault. "A report by New Times about Arts & Minds High School and its curriculum may have generated enough interest in tenth grade students for the school to have opened with a tenth-grade class," Alonso-Poch admonishes. "Unfortunately for Ms. Billman, that was not the case." Then, revealing his flair for drama, the artful lawyer adds, "Does The Bitch have an agenda to degrade Manuel Alonso-Poch? What have I done to earn her love?"

Ricky Williams says that live piano music is as out of fashion at the Forge as Michael Jackson and cocaine spoon jewelry
Jonathan Postal
Ricky Williams says that live piano music is as out of fashion at the Forge as Michael Jackson and cocaine spoon jewelry

More Threats to Common Decency

It could only happen in our part of South Florida: Someone has devised an organized activity that contains the words "new wave," "imported beer," and "bitch control" in its description.

Bitch Control Night, which takes place Fridays at Señor Frogs (616 Collins Ave., Miami Beach), is an evening of music strictly Bitch-approved, largely Brit pop, electro, funk, and general indie dance tracks. The Bitch missed the inaugural event, but DJ Ray Milian, who spins with several other turntablists including Christopher Lee, says there was plenty of Fischerspooner for all.

"It went pretty well; we had like 200 people for the first one and it had a great vibe," observes Milian, one of the creators of the popular PopLife at I/O Lounge. "Hopefully with some time the crowd will grow because there's nothing like what we're doing on the weekend on South Beach."

In other nightlife news, Erwin Perez, El Nuevo Herald's music writer and the founder of the Esencia Latin music showcase, every other Wednesday at Hoy Como Ayer on Calle Ocho, has found that the hugely successful event, a must-attend for industry insiders and locals alike, has grown to the point where it needs professional management. This comes in the form of high-powered publicist Vanessa Conde of Miami Beach's MAPOLA Communications, who also reps syndicated television program Latin Fuze, broadcast in English and recorded in Miami. The show debuts in October on CBS affiliate WFOR-TV (Channel 4).

The Bitch hears that it's not just Perez who's blown up. Tonight's Esencia session, which will offer the spectacle of noted producers Sebastian Krys (Gloria Estefan), Javier Garza (Ricky Martin, Madonna), and others playing alt-Eighties covers such as the Talking Heads's "Psycho Killer" and New Order's "Blue Monday" may be the last at the historic Little Havana club.

Apparently success has been muerte for Esencia, with wall-to-Estefan-photo-covered-wall in-crowd wannabes irritating performers by talking during the music and being rude to (and not tipping) the Hoy Como Ayer staff, some of whom have worked there for years.

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