The Delegates

Churchill's is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a monthlong series of concerts, and most nights this September feature all kinds of alcohol-fueled debauchery. One of the choice evenings stars Montreal's ska devils, The Delegates. Hell, most American bands don't make it this far south, so somebody buy these guys a Fin du Monde beer to make öem feel at home!

Supporting the Canuck outfit will be local fun punksters Why Not? and the up-and-coming Dead Letter Post Office. The latter dips into the realm of post-punk hardcore and alt-rock, injecting a Jawbreaker/Fugazi energy into its long arrangements. Between these young heartthrobs and the smooth Canadians, it might seem like a good idea to make this night one for hanging out and getting drunk with the boys before retiring a few blocks south at Gold Rush in the wee hours.

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