Letters July 15-21, 2004

Tommy Lee, You Lied to Me

So don't look for my friends and me at your stupid club: Oh where do I even begin? I heard Tommy Lee was opening a rock club and read about it in Humberto Guida's "BuzzIn" column ("ROK It," June 3). I was so excited. Finally a rock club on South Beach. Finally something different. Who would dare to dream of a different kind of club on the famous South Beach?

I saw good reviews about the place and read a quote from Tommy Lee himself that left me excited about spending my whole paycheck there. Tommy Lee said, "I opened a rock club in South Beach. I'm tired of all the techno and hip-hop crowds. We need a place where you can get drunk, pass out on the floor, have a great time with friends -- a place that is outside the herd of sheep everyone follows in South Beach."

Well, I finally went. We got there at 1:00 a.m. and the power had been out for at least two hours, so we waited outside for twenty minutes, hoping the power would come back soon. My friends and I were the only ones waiting.

The lights did come back on suddenly and flocks of people began showing up. We were the first ones in line. Of course it took a while longer for the computer to come back on line, so we waited at least another half an hour outside with the crowd, dying to get in.

Finally they started letting people in, and to my surprise the flocks of sheep were getting in first -- all the beautiful silicone people first. Fine, so you need dolls and plastic people in your club.

But the second hour passed and we, the regular older crowd, were still waiting. None of us was let in even though we're more loyal and committed and spend more money in a club that rocks. But no. Tommy Lee lied. The Rok was a waste of time for us. If they continue with this bullshit, don't be surprised if it's out of business in three months.

Carolina Leon


More Art

And more art and more art and more art: Please continue to expand your coverage of the visual arts in the Miami area. Longer articles on this subject are needed by your readers.

I am a big supporter and consumer of the visual arts and always get the word out when there are well-written articles on the subject in New Times. Thanks.

Mary Agnes Beach

Coral Gables

Six Time Zones of Separation

My name is Tristram Korten and I did not approve this message: Do you people at New Times have any idea how good your reporter Tristram Korten really is? I regularly log on to your Website to read his stuff even though I live on the other side of the Atlantic.

Why? Because there are few journalists anywhere who write as well, work as hard, take risks, and continually file great stories.

Alexander Sharkey

Paris, France

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