Campus Crime Spree

FIU's police force goes solo on the arrests of three football players

The cops are pumped to have tackled a case like this. But they were insulted when the chief bought breakfast for the suspects in a violent felony. They are proud it was FIU officers who did the takedown, but suspect that the only reason backup wasn't requested from another agency was to control information in a matter involving football players, guns, and drugs. And they wonder if that kind of thinking might put them at risk. After all, these were armed suspects who reportedly had already fired a gun that evening. What if the suspects found out a lone police officer was outside, waiting (and waiting) for his backup? They might have fired a couple of rounds in a panicked getaway. Although FIU police sources say they are routinely discouraged from bringing in outside agencies, Chief Campbell denies this.

"Typically we would do just that," Campbell says. "We have that kind of arrangement with neighboring police." In this case, he says, the shooting was over. It was a matter of identifying and locating suspects.

At any rate, with two suspects still on the loose, the midnight shift just got a lot more interesting.


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