Bickering Not Allowed

Democrats come to Florida to fight over a party platform and what happens? No fighting!

Later that afternoon, outside the hotel ballroom, Rand Beers and Sandy Berger hold court amid a scrum of reporters. Having quashed the last bit of intraparty discord on the way to Boston, both men look like the proverbial cat who'd just eaten the canary. Kulchur wades in.

Mr. Berger, Dennis Kucinich's people are calling the new amended language on Iraq a major change.

"The language on Iraq is very consistent with what Senator Kerry has been saying all along," Berger replies coolly.

"We think we've come to an agreement with the Kucinich people on a way ahead that we think represents what has always been John Kerry's position," adds Beers. "We shouldn't be in Iraq any longer than we have to be, but we have to ensure that when we leave Iraq, we do it in a way that doesn't leave chaos and catastrophe in our wake."

Another reporter asks: "Would you say today's meeting demonstrated an unusual level of unity?" Just beyond the circle, Tim Carpenter looks on expectantly.

Beers and Berger both grin before responding. "Unusual?" Berger chuckles. "I'd call it a delightful unity."

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