An Ounce of Prevention -- At Last

County jail officials finally decide to get serious about a highly contagious disease

During the past two weeks corrections officers have reported suspicious sores on inmates. In addition to the two confirmed cases at Metro West, four more inmates suspected of having the infection were examined. According to Brown, no MRSA cases were confirmed. Another four inmates were examined at the training and treatment center, known as the stockade. One of them had a wound consistent with MRSA and officials are awaiting the results of a lab test.

Finally, “to deter anxiety,” Brown and department spokeswoman Janelle Hall announced last week an education campaign throughout the entire corrections department. It began with an e-mail blitz this past Thursday. Medical staff will begin visiting all the jails to instruct officers in identifying and preventing the spread of MRSA. “We’re doing it corrections-wide. This is a mass undertaking,” Brown says. “We’re being very proactive now.”

Hadley Hooper

At last.

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