Letters from the Issue of June 17, 2004

Praise for Flagler, pickup lines that fail, and fountains that flow

I could get all pop psychology here and advise the self-proclaimed "BuzzIn" basket case that the best place to look for love is within yourself. But he is probably already all too familiar with the subject of self-lovin'. If you are lucky enough to meet that special someone with just the right combination of substance and style, don't question where or how you met them. The reality is that head games, anxiety, stress, drama, STDs, and toil and trouble are more than likely going to be a byproduct of the often fulfilling, often traumatizing, and always educational journey into coupledom -- regardless of where you meet your significant other.

And a quick bit of advice to New Times: If you're going to start printing Sex and the City-type columns, don't send a boy to do a woman's job.

Nicole Cussell

Please Find the Person Who Murdered My Brother
And don't stop investigating until you do: I want to thank Bill Jensen for writing "Hardcore and Bleeding" (May 20), the story about the murder of my brother R.J. Lockwood. It meant a lot to my family.

I am serving in the military and stationed in Texas. Everything that has happened with R.J. is even more painful owing to the fact that it happened in Miami. I hope they catch the person who murdered him.

Thanks again and please don't stop until the perpetrator has been caught.

Christina Re
San Antonio, Texas

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