Fear? No, Evil

The battle continues

MDPD forensic specialist Thomas Fadul concluded that the bullet could have been one of the six that Denise fired. But owing to damage -- "corrosion and erosion" -- he could not make a conclusive match to the .38 caliber Colt.

Unless detectives link Lee to a gun, it will be easy for his lawyers to raise the specter of reasonable doubt and continue pointing their fingers at Denise. "You have one bullet, probably fired by Denise's gun," submits Robert Barrar, one of Lee's attorneys. "You have no other bullets there. And if Anthony is firing shots at either Denise or the husband, you're going to find some physical evidence to back that up. There is none." Which means Lee's lawyers can still float the notion that the bullet that went into the back of José Calvo's head and out his right temple could have been the one that landed on the garage windowsill and could have been fired by his wife. The State Attorney's Office confirms the investigation into Denise Calvo's possible role in her husband's death is still open. Through her lawyers, Calvo has maintained her innocence.

Chambered, Tabled, Closed
Irrepressible, relentlessly self-promotional, unembarrassable Seth Gordon, when not lobbying vigorously on the right of the Bacardi liquor conglomerate to make undisclosed political cash gifts, spreads goodwill as president of the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce. Disgruntled chamber members tell The Bitch that Gordon recently orchestrated a sort of surprise impromptu election to install new chamber board members, disallowing absentee ballots with no warning. One new board member is Manny Alonso-Poch, whose Commodore Plaza-based Academy of Arts and Minds, now scheduled to open in August, has been plagued by code problems.

Santiago Portal: It's the national origin, stupid
Jonathan Postal
Santiago Portal: It's the national origin, stupid
Those too dense to appreciate art must find 
entertainment in crudités, or whatever
Those too dense to appreciate art must find entertainment in crudités, or whatever

Klingon Cats
The Bitch thinks she may have discovered the real reason Merrett Stierheim often looks so cranky at Miami-Dade School Board functions -- and it's not from fretting over his muddled legacy or grinding his molars to a nub over Rudy Crew's big house. The problem is that late-night cat orgies have been keeping the soon-to-be-former superintendent awake all night. It seems that the south-of-Miami Village of Pinecrest, where Stierheim resides, is overrun with stray cats.

This according to an irate e-mail Stierheim's wife, Judy Cannon, sent to Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez. Cannon berated Martinez for not supporting legislation to require cat owners to register their roving pets.

The unsupervised cats, Cannon complained, reproduce with abandon, having "orgies that sound like Klingon mating rituals" in her garden, and sometimes leaving dead kittens there as well.

Larry Buck, a Miami-Dade Police Department lieutenant, told The Bitch that while the county only requires dogs to be licensed, neither dogs nor cats are permitted to roam. "That would be in violation of the law for the pet owners," not the pets, Buck clarifies.

Cindy Hewitt, executive director of Miami's Cat Network, says Cannon's complaint is a common one: "People feel about stray cats kind of how they feel about landfills. They have to go somewhere but not in their back yard." She adds, "There's just nowhere for these animals to go."

People who want to find out about helping homeless cats can call the network at 305-255-3482.

The Little Strange Things
Here are some of the possibly edible by bonobos, so-called food items being distributed (shown actual size above) during the Design District's gallery and showroom walk, which took place this past Thursday: a medjool date wrapped in a piece of bacon, acquired, strangely, from a place that offers very expensive kitchenware, and what The Bitch believes to be the tiniest piece of cheese in the world.

(Some) Sounds of the Caribbean
Kevin "Ital-K" Smith, whose late-night weekend show Sounds of the Caribbean was ripped from WLRN's airwaves this past November, has quietly returned to the station's broadcast forum. Smith, a traffic director at WLRN-FM (91.3), is host to the weekend edition of the BBC World News and fills in as well on Clint O'Neil's Caribbean music program in O'Neil's absence. "I'm still working towards the reinstatement of my shows, the Sunday and Monday weekend edition of Sounds of the Caribbean," Smith tells The Bitch.

Another one of the few outlets in South Florida for Caribbean news and music, WAVS-AM (1170), was recently sold, raising the question as to whether the new owners will keep the Caribbean-centric programming intact. Rumors are circulating that another AM home for Caribbean programming, WSRF-AM (1580), is up for sale as well.

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